Why Fall is my Favourite F-word!

I love the heat and sunshine, I worship it, so you would think that summer is my favourite season, but you’d be wrong. It’s fall. I LOVE FALL!

From the earliest memories of my childhood, I can remember loving fall the best. All of my siblings and I are born in the fall, thanksgiving is in the fall (Food would be my second favourite F-word), Halloween is in the fall (I can’t pass up a reason to dress up), and back to school starts in the fall. Plus you have all the wonderful colours of fall; colour is every where in every shade. AND the warm sunny days of fall seem so much more enjoyable because of the crisp cold nights. There is an excitement to fall, that is only topped by the excitement for winter holidays.

I love wearing layers, and fall is the best time to do this. Plus you get to add scarves and fingerless gloves. I love feeling cozy. And there are bonfires and the annual first fire in the wood stove to look forward to. I love fire.

My favourite scent and flavour is cinnamon, every where you go there is cinnamon in drinks and food during the fall. I dream of a yummy Caramel Apple Spice or Carmel Hot Chocolate in the summer time, but it’s just too warm to really enjoy them. On a side note: I’ll be honest and say I’m not a fan of pumpkin spice though, it must be the nutmeg. Nutmeg is gross.


I love thanksgiving because of all of the food, and because I get a guaranteed evening of family and friends, if not 2 or 3 turkey dinners. I love spending time with family and friends. I love to cook for them, and to see them all crammed into my house, talking and laughing. To see all the kids screaming in delight at being each other and spending time playing. I love watching the joy that is thanksgiving.

Halloween is my favourite holiday, even though it’s not a true national holiday. I love getting dressed up with the kids. I love trick or treating with them (even if the kids end up stealing all my candy in November). I love decorating the house for the holiday, and handing out treats to other people’s kids. And carving pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns; I get more and more creative every year. We have a tradition where the person with the jack-o-lantern with the last candle to go out will have a very blessed year to come. I love remembering our ancestors, and setting a plate for those who have crossed the veil. And roasted pumpkin seeds rock.

Fall also means NaNoWriMo prep season. I let me imagination run wild to find just the right story and characters for my November novel. There is an excitement that builds as the days go by in September and October as we gear up for a full month of writing. I talk to the people in my head a lot during the fall. I look less crazy when I say I’m writing a novel-I hope.

Sounds change in the fall too. Things become more hushed and muted, i think it must be the crispness in the air and the slow wind down to hibernation. Mornings, it feels almost like the world is holding it’s breath, waiting to see if the sun will be warm for the day. And then out we go, walking, crunching through the crips leaves and frost covered grass.

In the fall you don’t feel guilty about spending time binging Netflix and watching entire movie series on the weekends. It was what fall was made for: that slow wind down of our own, pulling more into our cozy homes and families. Or laying down in front of the fire and reading an entire novel in a weekend drinking copious amounts of tea.

Oh, the tea! I forgot all about tea. Over the summer I hardly drink any tea. I’m not a huge fan of iced tea, so I tend to not make any when the weather is warm. But cold crips fall mornings and evening s are perfect for tea, especially cinnamon teas!

Since Halloween happens in the Fall, it just so happens that Fall is THE BEST time for costumed shoots in the studio, and they are my favourite. I love that we get to be super creative with hair, make up, clothing, mood, and backdrops. The little inner goth from my past gets to come out and play during the fall too. And because the kids go back to school in the fall, I have more time and energy to put into creating in the studio, doing the things I love, so yay for me!

Man, I love the fall!

Hit up the comments and tell me what your favourite things about fall are, and what your favourite season is.

Stay Warm. Stay Gorgeous!


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