Chase Your Passion: Passion Planner Feature

If you haven’t tried a Passion Planner yet, it’s time you try one! I swear by this planner.

I have been using this planner for two years now, and it is simply amazing. For the first year I downloaded and printed off the pages to use, as I like the try it before you buy it to see if it works for you idea; then in the second year I took the plunge and bought myself one and, because I loved it so much, one for my partner too!

One of the cool things about Passion Planner is they have both dated (calendar year or school year formats) and undated planners, plus you can choose between a Monday or Sunday start, depending on how you like to view your weeks.

You can find all sorts of tips and tricks and ways to personalize and use your planner in the best way possible for you on the Passion Planner website. Also you can download all the free inserts (habit tracker, water tracker, calorie tracker, work out tracker, finance sheet, extra note pages, time extenders, graph pages, contacts page, ect.), print them off and tape them into your planner. You can shop for your printed and bound passion planner on the website, but I only recommend doing that if they don’t have a current Kickstarter when you go to order yours. More on the Kickstarters in a second.

You can also download the free planner from their website. Just follow the instructions, or wait for the secret code to be posted on the Passion Planner Facebook page. This usually happens after the Kickstarter for the following year has ended. This is a great way to get a feel for the Passion Planner and see if it is right for you. Facebook is a great place for all things related to Passion Planner-and getting the latest news on sales and new Passion Planners!

Passion Planner is always evolving, and as such they usually have a Kickstarter every year. Whether they are releasing new limited edition cover colours and designs, running a give-one-get-one campaign, or making their planners more eco friendly (the newest idea that I am so excited for!), Passion Planner is working to grow with you! You can check out their Eco campaign here on the Passion Planner Kickstarter, where they are now creating ways to make the Planner have less impact on the environment, plus be cheaper in the long term and plant a tree for every planner sold. It’s pretty cool. The hardest part is going to be choosing your cover colour!

If you are at all curious about Passion Planner check out the Kickstarter-it has lots of info and videos, so you can see just what this planner is capable of. Check out the reviews and how to use videos on Youtube as well.

I seriously love this company! Go get yours.

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