DIY Wedding Gifts

Wedding season is in full swing now. Are you stressing about all the wedding gifts you are going to have to come up with over the next 4 months? Stop stressing! And don’t worry about the cha-china either.

Here are some DIY wedding gifts to inspire you to think outside the box and maybe save you you see change to spend at the bar instead!

Make Your Own Canvas Portrait

Forget the salad forks! Take your favourite photo of the couple and turn it into a pice of wall art that they can hang and display in their home.

Chalkboard Wine Glasses

Give the gift that will keep giving. These unique wine glasses can be personalized by the couple every time they use them. As their love grows and pet names evolve they can change what they write, or leave each other tiny love notes. Super cute.

Picnic Basket in a Suitcase

Help the happy couple keep the romance and whimsey alive in their relationship for years to come with this unique DIY project. I want one!

Burlap Monogram

Create a one of a kind wall hanging for the powerhouse business couple! Sure to tickle their funny bone and keep them smiling as the years pass.

Music Lyric Plate

Find the couple’s song and create them a one of a kind plate that can be used for serving or as a pice of art. This is a quick and inexpensive craft that is sure to please every one.

Scrabble Name Tiles Wall Piece

The perfect wedding gift for the wordy or gaming couple. Plus you get to use up those scrabble times from the board game your kids have lost pieces to!

Spooning Since Wall Art

For the couple with a sense of humour about their love, this cute play on words will make an awesome gift that celebrates their relationship. Plus you get to hit up thrift stores!

Watercolour Inspired Throw Pillows

Watercolour inspired means you just need blank pillows, cotton swabs, rubbing alcohol and sharpies! Get your art on and make some fantastic home decor that really speaks to the happy couple!

Pop Up Photo Box

Hit up the couple’s Instagram and Facebook pages and find all the photos you need for this DIY project. Then you can create the perfect box or pick one up at a thrift store. It’s like a pop up walk down memory lane. Sure to please for years to come.

Hand made Beeswax Candles

Nothing says romance like candles. With bees wax ones you get to add a sweetness to the moment plus they clean the air. Hand made ones mean you can go a traditional or as unique as the intended couple.

How’s that to get your brain started? Feeling inspired yet? I know I sure am. If you have a favourite wedding gift DIY that you please post it in the comments below. Or if you have received a wedding gift that was hand made that really rocked your wold let us know below!

Stay Gorgeous!




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