How to Not Spend Mother’s Day

Mother’s day is this Sunday, and I hope you have fantastic gifts for every mom in your life. Remember we love cheesey hand made stuff, so bust out the kids craft stuff and get to work!

While we are on the subject of Mother’s Day, here are 10 ways to NOT spend Mother’s Day….

Elbow Deep in Dirty Diapers: Nobody wants to do this on a regular day, prevent this on her day by placing the non-potty trained ones in the tub bare bottom and just hose the little poop machine down all day. She doesn’t have to know what you are doing!

Sitting in a fancy restaurant with a colicy baby or teething toddler: just don’t! We like eating out but not when our kids are feeling crappy and our parenting is being judged by other people. Let’s just go to Macdonalds instead.

Cooking dinner and cleaning up the mess while every one else eats and runs: This. You would think it never happens but it does. To lots and lots of mums out there. We tend to take mum for granted because she is always there supporting us and meeting our needs. How about you cook and clean. Just send her off with bubbles or a book so she can’t tell you that you are doing it wrong. Do this and you’ll be the favourite for the rest of the year.

Folding mountains of laundry only to watch her kids rip the bottom item out and the whole thing come crashing down on the dirty floor: We’ve all had it happen. Prevent this at all costs and hide the dirty and clean laundry. Remove the temptation.

Watching Treehouse on repeat for 9 hours straight: For one day a year just let mom have the remote! We have watched so much cartoons we sing the theme songs when we clean up!

Getting gum out of your kids 2 feet long hair: Do mom a favour and don’t chew gum or go near people with gum, if you have long hair for at least 48 hours before mother’s day!

Peeling the crusty pages of her novel apart: Stay away from mums favourite novel for at least a week leading up to Mother’s day. No jam finger prints blotting out words, no water logged pages stuck to each other, no chocolate book marks please!

Washing the black ring out of the tub and pulling 6 crates of toys out before she can run her bubble bath: The greatest gift you can give a tired mother is a clean, toy free bath tub!

Driving in a car with screaming small minions for long periods of time, or even short periods of time: Whether you are planning a grocery trip or are visiting relatives out of town, leave mum at home or get a sitter and leave the kids at home. or take two cars, let mum go on her own in an empty car with her favourite music blaring and a travel cup of her favourite beverage. The extra cost will be so worth it.

Scrubbing Permeant marker off the walls and carpet: Hide all the markers at least 3 weeks in advance. Look every where for those sticks of doom, because the little people are sneaky.

Bonus for Grandma!

Watching your 5 grandkids dig up your garden and pull on your dogs tail till he’s hiding under your chair: Grandma’s were moms first, so remember her when she offers to watch your kids so you can have some you time! Kids belong to your teens and your friend’s teens on Mother’s day!

This weekend be a doll and prevent any of these from happening to the Moms in your life by not making plans that don’t mesh with her parent life cycle, by volunteering to do the household chores, or give a Mom a hand with her kids and some time for herself.

Have a very happy Mother’s Day!

Stay Gorgeous!



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