Getting Back to My Roots: Nature Image Feature

It funny to sit here and remember when I first picked up a film SLR and started photographing seriously, over 9 years ago. I loved nature. I loved finding the beauty in the greatness of the sky, and in the coloured patterns on tiny flower petals. When I finally saved enough money and bought my first DSLR you could find me every spare minute outside photographing the world around me-I learned so much so quickly-and I have many many photos on my hard drive to prove it.

I would have laughed in your face, and told you that you were crazy, back then if you had told me I would be photographing woman for a living. I photographed my own babies, but did not enjoy photographing people as a rule. I was skilled in the art of photography and those skills transferred well to all genres of photography, so I would photograph people to teach others how to do so. I have some very fond memories of wandering around the forest with a friend and us photographing each other, photographing each other! Teaching someone to photograph other humans is what actually lead to me photographing woman!

I’ve had a tough 6 months in my personal and professional life, so I’ve been looking at taking a step back from photographing woman for money and moving towards going back to the things I love to give me a break and refresh me. I’ve been photographing creative sessions to give me pure freedom without letting my skills get rusty, and giving back to the artistic community in the Valley by photographing local art for digital uses.

But this week I decided to get back to my roots, my beginnings, as a nature photographer and take my camera out for a hike. Here is a taste of the beauty I captured:



I hope you enjoyed that little slice of the beautiful world through my eyes!

If you are interested in modelling or getting together to collaborate on a creative beauty project, please contact me. Looking for a hiking/photography buddy? Please contact me because that would be awesome! Are you a local artist that needs a hand taking your work digital, contact me and we’ll discuss terms that make us both happy.

You can contact me by:

Facebook: over here.


Website: here!

Stay Gorgeous!


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