Choosing the Best Products for Your Needs

In preparation for the upcoming 5th birthday of Gaia Magick Photography I thought I’d give you a bonus blog post on the most loved Gaia Magick Photography image products! I’ll leave you guessing why, so I don’t spoil the birthday surprise.

One of my jobs as a professional photographer is to help my clients choose which products work best for their images and their individual needs. No 2 clients are ever alike! So how do we go about figuring out what products would best suit each unique client? Well first I ask my clients to go through all of the images one-by-one, after they’ve viewed their beautiful slideshow, to choose the images they love. The number of images that they love can greatly influence the products I recommend that they purchase. If you only have a handful of images, their would be no point in recommending a full 20 image album. And like wise, if you loved every single image from your session, a single wall canvas isn’t going to do you much good either (…though there is always the option of creating a canvas collage on your wall, but 25 images would still be a bit much!).

Next I will discuss with my clients what they want to do with their images. Do you want to keep them all to yourself, give them to a special someone, use them as gifts for your family and friends, or share them online? What a client plans to do with their images greatly influences the best products for them.

Pictured below are some of the options clients choose:

The top left two images are of the mini albums. You receive two identical albums when you purchase this product. Perfect if you have around 10 images you love and you want to both gift something and keep something. (totally purse and pocket sized)

Top right is a canvas print. Perfect for that image you have to have and have it large! Canvas prints can be bought just as a single feature or as a stunning collage. Sizes range from 8×10 to full wall size (or pretty close to).

Bottom Left is the 4×6 mounted prints in a keepsake box. This is perfect for the girl that wants to keep her images and keep them feeling special. Both box and prints can be displayed or place on your book shelf for neat storage. The mounted prints are much more difficult to destroy by accident or durning moves.

Bottom Right is one of the most popular products we sell at the lower price range: The image cube. This is a 4×4 inch wooden cube with 5 of your favourite images featured. This is great for keeping or giving. Perfect for displaying. And the high product quality ensures that your images last and the block stays looking fabulous.

Also popular but not pictured are the digital image options (Digital albums, Social Media digitals, Print digitals and Full Resolution options) for the ladies that wants to share online or send to some one long distance, or to create products that we don’t offer; and the classy or sexy  photo albums. Photo albums come with lots of image options, size options, and other customizations. This is a product that ladies tend to purchase for a special some one in their lives, and include meaningful quotes for a truly unique and personal gift. Don’t worry I walk you through it all and I do all most all of the work in creating it!

Lastly, there is the option of archival quality photographic prints in all sizes. This is the perfect option for mass gifting of your images; or building your own scrapbooks, albums or wall collages from multiple sessions.

These are just highlights of the most loved products that Gaia Magick offers to clients, for a full list or more details please contact me in any of the ways below. I’d be happy to help you discover the best photographic products for your needs.

Ways to contact me:

By phone: 250-792-0868

By email:

By Facebook: click here!

By Website: right here

Stay Gorgeous!

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