Going braless!

By: gaiaphotography

Oct 14 2016

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Going braless is something I’ve been doing a lot lately. Mostly because I wake up in the morning and don’t get dressed until after the kids have left for school and I know I need to leave the house. And sometimes not even then. My older 2 daughters hate wearing bras and they don’t wear them unless someone points it out to them and they feel embarrassed (not the best reason to put a bra on, I’m working on managing that influence of society beliefs and my daughter’s comfort with and control over their own bodies). I’ve been reading a lot of articles and research on bras and going braless and I’ve found it might actually be better for you to go bra-less. At the very least you should be braless when you sleep and are binging on Netflix.

Check out these Buzzed ladies who went braless for a week.

Here are some benefits we found to not wearing your bra:

You know when you’re out all day in the sun, and then you feel this gross wet drip down the center of your chest? So uncomfortable, as well as gross feeling. What if there was a way for that not to happen? If you didn’t wear a bra the sweat would have a better chance to evaporate and that nasty sweat build up would not happen. Freedom!

It might actually be healthier for you not to wear a bra. If we didn’t wear bras the muscles under our boobs would be stronger and maybe even do a better job of holding our breasts up. Research found that the more you wear your bra the more your boobs will sag when your older. I can say from personal experience, not wearing a bra every day has improved the shape and perkiness of my own breasts. I have DD cups, so running or vigorous activity with out a bra is impossible, but for everyday around the house, a tight undershirt keeps my girls in check without the headache, or neck and back pain I get from wearing a bra on my too narrow shoulders.

Who doesn’t need a little more money? If we didn’t spend money on bras, we would have a little (or in the case of those really good bras, a lot!) more cash in our pockets. Women typically spend $100 a year on bras. Some of us spend way more than that!

Not wearing a bra allows more blood flow and improves blood circulation in your body. Also, not wearing a bra could improve your immune system as there are key lymph nodes located under your arms in the area that the band goes around your chest. It is possible that the band could be restricting or cutting off lymph flow to this area, that isn’t good for your breasts or the rest of your body. A lot more scientists are starting to agree that bras do absolutely nothing for you.

Bras are uncomfortable. Let’s face it ladies, the best feeling after a long day is taking off that bra when you walk in the door. Let’s just avoid that whole uncomfortable situation and just not wear a bra.

Check out the hilarious video of guys wearing bras!

If we’ve inspired you to start going braless, as least from some of the time, here is a video of 10 tips to going braless!

Oh and to get you laughing a little, here is this…


Do you go braless? Do you think bras are a necessary evil? Do you love your bras and wouldn’t give them up for anything? Let us know in the comments!

This is a great time to treat your self to a braless beauty session, you deserve it! Or a celebratory last wearing of your bar to get some sexy pictures done before you ban those bra from your life forever! Contact me by any of the following methods. I’d love to chat with you.

By phone: 250-792-0868

By email: info@gaiamagickphotography.com

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By Website: right here

Stay Gorgeous!


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