Girls Night in With Canadian Netflix Part 2

Part 2 of this two part series is based on some the best girls night in tv shows worth spending a whole evening with a bottle of wine and your best friend binge watching.

TV shows to binge watch (by yourself, or with friends):

Gilmore Girls: The tv show about the mother daughter relationship we all wish we had. Relationship dramas, cute guys, rich grandparents, wild romances, and plenty of recognizable actors and actresses. Add in small town charm and crazies, and you’ve got hours of entertainment!

Charmed: Three sister blessed (or cursed, depending on who ask) with magical powers try to balance having real lives with the responabilties of protecting the innocent. Plus hot guys. Enough said.

Bones: Sexy FBI agent meets brilliant gorgeous socially awkward forensic anthropologist and together they solve crime with the help of a wacky bunch of friends and coworkers. This is a feel good drama with a side of smart science, genius technology, and brilliant woman. Oh, and a lot of romance in the background.

Scandal: If you want a show about strong female characters who take charge and could rule the world, this is the show for you. Olivia has the connections and mental prowess to fix almost any situation, and the power team to back her up. This stuff can get pretty serious and quite graphic, so don’t watch this if you want light and fluffy.

Supernatural: Hot guys. Plus some supernatural stuff, innocent people to protect and mysteries to be solved. But seriously, we all just secretly watch this show to ogle the Winchester boys. Ogle away!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Feeling in the mood for a little retro entertainment with vampires who don’t sparkle in the sunlight? Well how about a little Buffy binge. You also have witches and demons and the musical episode…

Orange is the New Black: A Netflix original, this one is a woman’s prison drama comedy. This show is addictive and I’ve only ever been able to watch by binging. There is nudity and violence and sex, just FYI. This is not a show for the kids. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Switched at Birth: 2 young woman from very different socio-economic backgrounds discover they were switched at birth and both families must deal with the situation that arrises from his knowledge while getting to know their birth child/family. This is a fun family drama that kids will enjoy as well. Plus you’ll learn an little ASL.

The Fosters: This show is all about family. An interracial lesbian couple with a large family made up of biological, adopted and foster kids. It’s all the drama that comes with being different, being family, and the strength you get from both. You may cry a little, but you won’t be disappointed.

Drop Dead Diva: Ditzy fashion model gets her soul stuck in brilliant fashion challenged work-a-colic lawyer’s body. Hilarity ensues as she tries to navigate her new life with the help of her guardian angel, and her model/actress best friend. Plus the drama of seeing her finance who thinks she’s dead every day at her “new” job. Watch out for the pake!

Grace and Frankie: Two older woman are devastated to learn that their husbands are not only gay, but have been cheating on them with each other for the last 20 something years. These two woman are forced through odd circumstances to become each other’s rock in the storm of their separations, and even though they are complete opposites, they are exactly what the other one needs. Be prepared for belly laughs and tears.

I am going to stop now. There is so much good stuff on Netflix, you just either have to know what you are looking for or take the time to wade through the not so good stuff to find it. Let me know what TV shows you are watching on Canadian Netflix and would recommend to all your gal pals! Here is the link to the movies list post!
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