10 Ways to Celebrate the Kids Going Back to School!

This week in the Comox Valley the school kids woke up early, put clothes on and went back to school. This event caused house bound adults, especially those of us who work from home, to throw their hands up in the air and shout with joy. Finally we have the house back to ourselves; for 6 hours a day, 4 days a week we can enjoy privacy and silence.

In honour of the return of a little day time peace and quiet, I’m writing this blog post on all the ways you could have celebrated this week! (Yes, I did do some of these, I’ll leave to you to guess which ones!)

Here is my list of ways you can, and should, celebrate your kids going back to school:

*Drink Wine for lunch (it’s fruit!)

*Bust out all the hidden junk food and binge while you watch Netflix in bed all day

*Go use the bathroom, alone, without locking the door!

*Go back to bed

*Take a hot bath with a good book in the middle of the day

*Put on loud music and sing at the top of your lungs, real badly

*Clean up the kitchen/living room/kids room, then make a huge mess yourself. It’ll be nice to make the kids clean up a mess you made for a change, and they won’t even know they are!

*Bust out the Playstation, Wii, Xbox or other gaming console your kids were hogging all summer and spend a day playing video games. Make sure you beat their high score or over write their saved games…you all know they’ve done it to you!

*Get naked: no one is going to be there to complain

*Go to your friend’s place and hang out without little people constantly interrupting your conversation.

If you can think of anything else that should go on this list leave me a comment and I’ll add it!

Tell me how you celebrated your kids returning to school in the comments below. If you’ve got some spare time to yourself durning the day now, how about contacting me about modelling or business networking opportunities? This is also a great time to treat your self to a beauty session, you deserve it after spending the whole summer juggling your life and your kids! Contact me by any of the following methods. I’d love to chat with you.

By phone: 250-792-0868

By email: info@gaiamagickphotography.com

By Facebook: click here!

By Website: right here

Stay Gorgeous!




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