Help Gaia Magick Get Ready for the Holidays: Model Call

By: gaiaphotography

Sep 02 2016

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It’s that time of year in the studio: the time of year we have to start thinking about holiday season marketing. So, to get me started on the right foot and put me in the holiday mood, it time to redecorate the studio and photograph holiday themed images.

I’m looking for 4 female models 15-95, no modelling experience needed!!!

One for a holiday glamour photo shoot, one for a holiday pin up photo shoot, one for a holiday boudoir photo shoot, and one for a holiday fantasy inspired shoot. Your shoot would take place Tuesday or Thursday (or Friday for you kids in High School) during business hours in the studio (10 am-3 pm, some exceptions may apply).

We have some outfits, and accessories available at the studio, as well as holiday themed props. Please feel free to bring your own stuff with you as well!

For modelling you will receive a complimentary photo shoot, make up and hair services, 1 $50 print credit and the experience to be a model for the day! If you’re interested please Comment on this blog post AND then email Gaia Magick Photography stating WHY you want to model and attach a photo of yourself to:

All Model Call emails must be received by September 30th 2016 to be considered.

Thanks ladies!!

Stay Gorgeous!

4 comments on “Help Gaia Magick Get Ready for the Holidays: Model Call”

  1. OK so I’m totally excited to see this posting!!!! A holiday fantasy inspired shoot or a holiday boudoir shoot would be super fun!!!! Will send an email when I’m home and can find a photo hehe 😉

  2. Absolutely wanna do this! You already know what I look like haha

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