It’s Not a Freaking Pyramid Scheme: Feature

Sorry this is so late, I was travelling with my kids in Victoria and Vancouver and I burned out. Next time I take a proper vacation and not a working vacation- I was 10x more tired trying to do both. Never again!

I know I normally feature a business at this time of the month, but this thing that keeps happening to people I know, admire, respect and love, and it is really starting to drive me crazy. I’ve hit my tolerance level and now I need to go on a rant.

I am tired of seeing my friend’s work so hard to help their families and other people live better lives, only have an ignorant person whip out the “It’s a pyramid scheme!” panic phrase. Even seemingly educated people scream “pyramid scheme” at these hard working people who have already stated over and over that they’ve done their research.

Direct Sales and MLM business are not inherently pyramid schemes!

I see these comments and my immediate response is: Do you even know what the definition of ‘pyramid scheme’ is?!

In case you don’t (and to help keep you from falling down the panic hype rabbit hole), here is the definition:

a form of investment (illegal in the US and elsewhere) in which each paying participant recruits two further participants, with returns being given to early participants using money contributed by later ones.

To spell that out even further, incase it’s not clear yet, the direct sales business aren’t pyramid schemes: a pyramid scheme involves an investment paid to the people above you. The only things being exchanged are money and a promise that if you recruit people, their investments (money) will pay your back. EVERY direct sales company my friends and family are involved in are exchanges of money for actual physical products. That, right there, instantly means they are not involved in a pyramid scheme. If you can make money with out recruiting anyone else below you: IT’S NOT A PYRAMID SCHEME!

Sure you can recruit people to work on your team, and make money from what they SELL, but you aren’t making back your money off the kit they are buying-which I feel like it is necessary to point out the kit they are buying also contains physical products, which the person could just sell, as in retail sales like any other retail business, to make back their investment the paid in the kit.

Oh, and with these direct sales companies, you can earn more money that the person above you. Can’t do that in a pyramid scheme… you also can’t do that in a regular job either!

Here’s a quick list of some of the people I love who are in Direct sales:

My adoptive mom, Janet, sells PartyLite (blog post here).

My Sister, Liza, and a couple of good friends are ItWorks reps (sister’s site here, my supportive and driven friend Jen’s site here).

Jen has this to say about being an ItWorks rep:

My business is awesome because it has the best ethical practices I have ever seen in health and beauty products. As a distributor all of the information is available to me up front. The support from my team is amazing and I can be with my family while I work. The compensation plan is highly rated. I am not making money off the effort of others. Its all up to me to grow my business. Plus I have surpassed the income of my team leader. I’ve only ever had one customer complaint and my company helped fix the problem in less than a day. How many big box stores can say that?

I have a number of friends who are also LOVEWINX gals like me (my LOVEWINX page, or blogpost).

I have a generous friend, Mary, who is a Doterra essential oil rep (seriously you should contact her and she’ll work magic in your life!)

PS: I’ve purchase products from just about everybody, because I believe in supporting small businesses, and direct sales businesses help some one make life happen for themselves and their families!

I have more friend’s in direct sales/MLM (I have a wonderful friend who sells tupperware, and her mom sells so many things I can’t remember them all!), but they haven’t given me permission to feature them!

Here’s a video on why Network Marketing (Direct sales/MLM) is awesome.

If you want to chat more about direct sales, contact me or any of the ladies I’ve listed above. If you are interested in any of the above direct sales businesses, contact the ladies who work for them to purchase products (seriously, the essential oils!)  or learn more about business opportunities.

Do you have a business, or know of one, that you would love to see featured on the blog? Do you have a request for a certain product of service to be review or featured? Do you need a little more information or perhaps, help coming up with a creative inspiration that truly brings out your inner goddess, please contact me now. I’d love to chat with you!

By phone: 250-792-0868

By email:

By Facebook: here!

Stay Gorgeous!



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