Pin Up Style: Night and Day

August is Pin Up Month and the perfect time to play with and prefect your personal pin up look before fall kick our butts with school and work and the rain comes back, and we don’t have the energy or desire to play with out beauty routines or looks.

Before we begin here is a video for pin up essentials for a Rock-a-billy wardrobe…

Here’s a quick look at Pin Up Style’s that work for day: School, work, errands, and the daily grind, as well as ways to embrace your inner pin up at night! So here goes…

Pin Up by Day

Pin Up style by day is more subtle than by night. It is more soft and sensual and flirty, instead of bold and in your face. It’s not any less gorgeous though. It can also be more casual (hair still in curls but tucked up neatly underneath a cute head scarf. We also have to dress with a little more care for work and errands. Ever tried grocery shopping in 6 inch heels, or doing house chores confined in a tight corset? Take my word for it, it’s not fun.

A 2 minute video on quick simple and subtle pin up makeup for every day wear! Instead of using bright bold red for your lips, go for a pinker shade, a pastel shade, or a pink or red lip gloss. Also, you could just use the 2nd darker shade of brown eye shadow under your lower lashes to keep the look subtle. Also, keep your foundation light.

Here are ideas to get you thinking about how to wear your current wardrobe like a pin up girl for every day wear! It really can be that easy. Thrift stores are going to be a gold mine for you here! And just in case you are watching this in winter…here is a video for colder weather inspiration.

And a quick bandana hair tutorial for day!

Pin Up by Night

Time to get wild! Pin Up by Night is similar to what goes on in the studio on the days where I’m photographing those hot and sassy pin up girls for the calendar. Skirts get shorter to show off those garters and stockings, as well as them sexy legs. The make up gets darker and bolder so as to look better in those dimly lit restaurants and clubs. At night we want to be bold, sassy and sexy and draw attention our way.

Here is a tutorial on taking your day pin up make up to a night time look.

When dressing go for skirts and dresses. Lace and corset boning are obvious for pin up girls’  night wear. Vintage video on evening dresses!  This video will give you a good idea of what to look for when you head out shopping at the thrift stores for your vintage party dress. Another video full of vintage dresses.

This is a cute pin up evening look video, but make sure you turn your volume up really loud!

Whether you do night or day make up here is a 10 ticks video on creating winged eyeliner end here is a quick little video about winged eyeliner-do’s and font’s! Both are worth watching if you haven’t master the winged eyeliner!

Vintage hair Do’s and Don’ts!

And don’t forget the accessories!

Be sassy, be flirty, be strong, be feminine and be bold. Love your body. That, my gorgeous friend is Pin Up.

You can check out my August Pin Up Pinterest board here, for more Pin Up ideas.

Now that you’ve been rocking that pin up style, day and night, are you ready for a full out pin up beauty session? Are you ready to get together and create some amazing images to memorialize your personal pin up style? Do you need a little more information or perhaps, help coming up with a creative inspiration that truly brings out your inner pin up goddess, please contact me. I’d love to chat with you!

By phone: 250-792-0868

By email:

By Facebook: click here!

By Website: right here

Stay Gorgeous!


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