Girls Night In with Canadian Netflix Part 1

This is going to be a two part-er as it suddenly became a huge post trying to get both movie and tv shows into one post! Part one…

The other day I went to the tv room with a glass of wine and plopped down on my couch ready to watch some Netflix and relax. I didn’t know what to watch so I went on a browser search for girly  shows to watch. All the articles and blog posts I found were for American Netflix, a bunch of tv shows we don’t have were listed. How frustrating! A few weeks previous, same problem when looking for girls night in movies to watch with a friend.

So here is a little taste of Canadian Netflix to pair with your bestie, some chocolate and a bottle or two of wine!

Movies to Watch with Your Gal Pals

Sex and the City: The Movie: Girls night isn’t really girls night with out Sex and the City. This is the Movie that takes place some years after the show ended. Prepare for drama and laughter.

Sex and the City 2: After you watch the first one, watch the second, More drama, more laughter and beautiful desert landscapes to back it all. Oh and it’s still got shoes!

Spy: I debated this one because it’s bad, but it’s so bad it good, if you know what I mean. From desk agent to field agent this one will make you laugh and cringe. Melissa McCarthy I love you!

The Heat: Another awesome movie with McCarthy, and we get to see Sandra Bullock this time. These two amazing actresses deliver an endearing movie full of girl moments and laughter.

The Proposal: Bring on the Sandra Bullock! And Ryan Reynolds naked? Yes please! The irony of a Canadian aCtor playing an american and vice versa is giggle worthy. a must watch for a girls night. Just watch out for the stripper!

Ghost of Girlfriends Past: Who doesn’t want to watch a movie about a play boy type guy who is being haunted by all his past girlfriends? Come one!

Where the Heart is: This old goodies is about a young pregnant woman who is abandoned by her boyfriend and lives in a walmart. Enough said

Mean Girls: Another classic to remind you of high school, or junior high if they still existed. This one will remind you why being an adult is better than being a teen girl!

Clueless: this one makes me wish they had Legally Blonde viable on Canadian Netflix, but they don’t, So instead you’ll have to settle for gorgeous popular slightly air headed Cher giving the misfit a make over. Like Totally!

Blended: ANY movie with Drew Barrymore and Adam Sander is worth watching with your best friends over and over! This one is just as adorable as 50 First Dates but has less awesome cameos.


Practical Magic: IF they bring it back. This is a classic and should be required watching for every girl. Put a little magic in your life with this cast of amazing actresses.

I am going to stop now. There is so much good stuff on Netflix, you just either have to know what you are looking for or take the time wade through the not good stuff to find it. Let me know what you are watching on Canadian Netflix and would recommend to all your gal pals! I’ll link this post to the part 2 once I write it!

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Stay Gorgeous!



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