Comox Valley Stay-cation: Nature Destination Edition

I really wanted to do the liquor edition this year, buuuuuut I haven’t finished planning and executing my winery/brewery tour idea, so it’ll have to wait till next year. On the upside, this means I have even more motivation to grab my friends and get out sampling, I mean visiting, all the local Comox Valley wineries and breweries this summer! Who doesn’t love a little drinking in the name of blog research!

On to today’s blog post: nature destinations you should totally visit in the Comox Valley. I kind feel like I’m giving away some of my best kept secrets here, so you better visit a few of them, and share your pictures in the comments.

Gaia Magick Photography’s List of Must Experience Local (ish) Nature Destinations:

Paradise Meadows

If you are looking for diversity in your hiking options and amazing natural landscapes, Paradise Meadows is the place to go. Drive up mount Washington and then turn off the road to head to Raven Lodge. Check the map and chose your hike! Long hikes, short hikes, Paradise Meadows has it all. You can hike up to amazing lakes, do over night hikes and camps, feed the Whiskey Jacks, or just stroll along the board walk.

Ripple Rock Trail

Ok, not technically part of the Comox Valley since it is located North of Campbell River, but totally worth visiting anyway. Ripple Rock Trail is a 3-hour round trip hike that is about an intermediate level. You hike up and down the side of a mountain, walk past gorgeous ocean views and end at the top of a cliff overlooking the old ripple rock site in the discovery passage. My kids can do this hike, and the dogs love it. Oh, this is a good weather hike, not one to be taken during the winter or when it’s been especially rainy.

Browns RiverWild Woods Trail

Head up Piercy  Road on your way out of town, about 10 minutes out of town there are 2 notable attractions. On the South Side of the road is the electric tower maintenance road access, park your car and follow it on foot down to Brown’s River. It’s a bit of a hike down, the road has been pretty washed out in places, so be careful. The River is mostly shallow water rushing over rocks with some pools for splashing and swimming in. Also. head up stream and you’ll find the falls! On the north side of the road you have parking and the trail entrance to Wild Wood. I’ve enjoyed walking the dogs on a sunny afternoon along the Wildwood trail. It’s an easy hike through swamp land. Plenty of trees and flowers. The link for the Wild Wood Trail has more options for trails in the Comox Valley too!

Headquarters Townsite Park

Walk beside the Tsolum river under the shade of the trees! If you park on Farnham Road at the old mill site and walk north, you’ll find a decent swimming hole complete with a rope swing. The kids and I are diving to trying it out!

Tsolum Spirit Park

I honestly think this is one of the best kept secrets in the Comox Valley. If you’ve never been to the Tsolum Sprirt Park, you need to visit this place on a sunny day. It’s a pretty easy hike down the trail to the river. Once you get there you’ll be treated by a rocky beach and both shallow water for spamming in and a decent sized swimming hole. Just above the swimming hole is a little falls too. Feeding into the swimming hole is Dove Creek. Its a pretty warm spot to swim. If you travel further up the river there are lots of good swimming holes and a decent beach or two. I’m not sure what it looks like further up Dove creek…we have yet to explore it! This is a great place for catching frogs and toads too.

There are tons of other great places to hike and swim in the Comox Valley but I’ll leave it up to you to find them!

If you’ve got a special place in the Comox Valley you love go to, and think we should all visit, share it in the comments below!

Know what else these spots are good for?! Outdoor sessions!

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