DIY Wedding Fun Projects

June is the start of the big summer wedding season. How about adding a little more fun to your summer wedding without adding more money to your budget? It’s goodies like these that make your  wedding date memorable for your guests, and a day filled with laughter for all involved. The more fun kids (and adults!) are having the less trouble they will get up to.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Photo Booth: I’m a photographer, so this one seems a little obvious to me, but you might not have thought of it. With a package of wooden skewers and some craft paper this is a cheap and fast DIY. You choose what goes onto the sticks for your guests to hold (words, glasses, hearts, lips, crowns, bowties, etc). Make it fun and people will flock to your Photo Booth. This will be fun for people of all ages and will provide them with memories that they can share on their social media pages.

Handmade Dominos: Rocks, painted rocks, in dollar store boxes. Cheap, easy, fast, fun and a great table accent for guests to take home. People love original wedding favours. As a bonus, you get to decide which dominos go into which boxes and guests from multiple tables can get together and play while you are out getting your wedding pictures taken.

Lawn scrabble: Scrabble is even more fun when you make it giant and put it outside! Laminate your letters for longer use. You can make rules like only wedding related words can be used as points, or words that relate to the bride and groom. You can play as a team (guys vs girls, bridal party against groomsmen, etc.)The possibilities are endless and this is fun for all ages.

Scavenger Hunts or Eye Spy Games: You can go as big or a subtle as you want with this one. Little ones will enjoy a game of eye spy and bigger ones will enjoy running around looking for treasures. This can be an indoor or outdoor game. You can give out prizes at the end for different categories, or just a little chocolate or cider/beer (for the adults) for people who complete their lists. Lists can quickly be made and printed off on fancy card stock.

You can check out these links for more great ideas:

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If you have a DIY activity, game or favour that would be awesome at a wedding add it to the comments below.

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