Celebrating Mother’s Day 2016: The Life Behind the Lens

So, last Sunday was Mother’s Day, right? Well Before Mother’s day, I decided to make a check list of all the ways I wanted to celebrate this year for Mother’s Day.

Here’s how my 2016 Mother’s Day list went:

Mother's Day Checklist, How mom wants to celebrate mother's day, mothers day celebration check list for mom

I decided to not tell anybody about the list, except maybe the sleep in part-I hate when they knock on my door 10 times an hour on the weekend. They are pre-teen and teen aged now, there is no need to bug me first thing in the morning on a weekend. They know how to use the bathroom and how to feed themselves!

Hmm, I also contemplated tagging a “Stay Out!” sign on the bathroom door if I make it into the tub, we have two bathrooms for a reason!

To give myself a little extra chance at crossing off everything on this list, I decided it would count for both Saturday and Sunday (Why should I only have one day?!). So, I got me a plan for Mother’s Day weekend1

After the weekend, here’s how the check list was looking:

Mother's day checklist2016-check

My Mother’s Day weekend hit a major personal bump on Mother’s Day, but my Saturday was fabulous. The girls and I spent time on a river rock beach (instead of sand) and the water was sooo cold I only dipped my toes in a bit. I received a set of Chameleon Pens (I want to say best present ever) and even had time to play with the markers on the beach. I received some awesome cheesy handmade gifts from the kids. I shared two bottles of wine with my neighbours on their deck, along with a delicious picnic dinner. I had tons of hugs from family and friends.

Tell me how you celebrated your Mother’s Day- whether you were celebrating yourself, your mom, a friend’s mom, you daughter becoming a mom, or just moms you know- in the comments below. If you have some amazing goodies, I may add them to next years checklist!

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Stay Gorgeous!

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