Reasons to Fall Head Over Heels in Love with Glamour Photography

I love glamour photography. The thing is, not many people know WHAT glamour photography is, or WHY they should love it too. I feel like I can get a little wild when I shoot glamour portraits. And in fact I have gotten wild, remember the dark fairy, princess Zelda, the snow queen or the punk boudoir in the van? So many glamour goodies in the last four years. So many amazing memories. I love glamour so much for it’s versatility and raw beauty.

So here are the reasons I think you should fall in love with Glamour photography too:

Glamour Photography shoots can be shared! Glamour photography can be done in 1’s 2’s 3’s 4’s and more! You can shoot glamour with your dog or cat. You can shoot glamour portraits with your kids or your mum. You can’t really do boudoir with other people or your pets. Aside form doing a couple’s boudoir session, if you tried to have a boudoir session with your best friends, things might get weird and awkward. I’ve shot it before, once, but that was for marketing purposes. I’ve never had a client request a boudoir shoot to share with a friend. But I’ve done glamour shots with babies and kids, with a dog and two best friend’s and all their kids.

Glamour is good for all ages! I wont shoot a boudoir session with anybody under the age of 18. For a pin up shoot I may photograph someone as young as 16, but still prefer to stick to the age 18  rule of thumb. Glamour on the other hand can be shot and look wonderful at any age.  Whether you are 6, 16, 36, 66, or 96: Glamour photography is for you. You’ll look good, feel good and have an amazing fun time doing it.

You can wear what you want! The joy of glamour is that you can wear what ever makes you feel comfortable and happy. Jeans and t-shirt: let’s do it. Cute dress and high heel boots: that works too. Booty shorts and a sports bra: yup! Nude: of course! Punk clothing, sparkly clothing, dance clothes, halloween costumes:, yards of tool or garbage bags your imagination and comfort level are the only limits for outfits in glamour photography. I actually wrote a post on glamour outfits a few years back. Go here to read it for more inspiration.

It’s more comfortable…this point may be slightly subjective, but I think on the whole most people feel way more comfortable doing glamour shoots than anything else. The only discomfort really is in being photographed. Once you get used to being infant of my camera, the shoot is a breeze because I coach everything. With glamour you are in comfortable clothes that make you feel you good. Some times you are doing it with a best friend who makes you feel even more comfortable. You aren’t taking off your clothes, or trying to hold a one-legged pose in 6 inches heels…unless you want to!

Location, location, location! I can shoot glamour portraits almost anywhere your heart desires. I can’t do underwater (yet! I’m saving for a water proof camera case. Ieee!), in space, in an active volcano, or sky diving (though we could work on that one!). But anywhere else you desire we can probably make that happen. There are some really awesome location in and around the Comox Valley is you want to shoot outdoors. While outdoor pin up and boudoir is possible with some planning and luck, glamour is the easiest style to take out on the road.

Boys can do glamour too! Although they wouldn’t want us to be calling it glamour if they are int he photos, or if the photos are just of them. Man glam is a great alternative to crapy lit bathroom selfies for profile pictures on your social media and dating sites. Plus woman love a man who takes the time to look good and has photos that reflect his charm, sophistication, good looks and general adultness. That cartoon profile pic is cute, but we like knowing you’re a grown up too!

Glamour is all about being authentically you, and then taking it up a notch and creating something fabulous and wonderful.

Are you ready for a glamour portrait session? Are you ready for some bold gorgeous fun? Interested in taking advantage of the birthday special? Do you want to celebrate yourself, or an accomplishment (big or small!)? Do you want to create a unique gift for your someone special? Would you be interested in helping me out with the Pin up Calendar Project? Do you need a little more information or, perhaps, help coming up with a creative inspiration that truly brings out your inner goddess, please contact me right now. I’d love to chat with you!

By phone: 250-792-0868

By email:

By Facebook: click here!

By Website: right here

Cheers to another fabulous year of bold gorgeous fun with amazing woman like you.

Stay Gorgeous!

(Just a little reminder that the Name Your Own Price sessions are still on going, till May 15th 2016. Click here for more information or here to get booking your session. You really do deserve a beauty session, and I want to make that happen for you!)


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