Light Up Your Life: Janet’s Candle Connection Feature

Oh April, I see you there hanging out waiting to spring all your spring baby birthday’s on me. Not only does Gaia Magick Photography have a birthday this month, I also have a daughter with an April birthday and at least a dozen friend’s with April birthdays. Yeesh! It gets a bit crazy around here with all the present buying and wrapping, and then the huge consumption of sugary foods and drinks. When I’m stuck on what to buy someone, I fall back on one of my favorite people, Janet Martyn, and her Party-Lite business. Who doesn’t want yummy smelling candles and fantastic accessories!

Janet is amazing, and not salesy at all. She’ll help you find the right products you need (or want) and she’ll do her best to get you the most for your money. She’s been selling Party-Lite for at least 6 years (I’m trying to remember the first party I attended, but it was a long time ago!), and she really knows her stuff. She can tell you exactly which products will help you get your kids to bed, or set the mood for a romantic evening with your spouse. She’s also amazing at recommending products that suit your style and personality. And if she’s seen the inside of your house, she’ll be able to tell you which products are going to flow with your decor. In a nutshell, I think she is a genius!

My must have product from Janet is the scented tea lights (in Cinnamon Sparkle and Ebony Oud). I have boxes of different scents that I use around my house, in pretty much every room. These small self contained candles pack the power to provide your room with the scent you need. Whether you want to relax, energize, or head to a tropical beach in your imagination-there is a scented candle that’ll get you there. And with tea lights, you don’t need a candle holder!  (But you might as well have something adorable to burn your tea lights in anyway!)

If you want to join Janet’s Candle Connection group on Facebook click here!

You can check out her PartyLite Facebook page here for full product info and tons of deals and fun.

Everybody needs candles: why not have gorgeous, fun, amazing smelling candles?! Contact Janet today and get yourself a Party-Lite (birthday?) party!

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