The Importance of Taking Couple’s Photos

The idea of couple’s photos has been on mind for a couple weeks now. Seeing as this Sunday is Valentine’s day, I thought it would be a good idea to share with you today, what I’ve been thinking and the things I’ve come to realize over the last few years about the photos we take with our significant others.

Taking photos of the two of you (or three or four of you, I don’t judge!) is an extremely important activity; one we tend to brush off it seems. We’ll take hundreds of pictures of our children, our dogs, our families, heck even our food. But take a picture of ourselves, even when we include the person we love the most on the earth, well that just narcissistic right? WRONG!

I don’t even think we take enough pictures of ourselves (SELFIES!), but that is a whole ‘nother blog post for another day. (Making a note of that one!) Let me explain to you why I think we ought to be taking more photos of ourselves as couples.

The big one: FREAKING MEMORIES people. Do you remember every little moment of every day? I know I don’t. But how awesome is it when you get to scroll back through your phone and see all those shared intimate, fun, adventurous, special or even silly moments that the two of you have shared.

Celebrate: by taking pictures of the two of you, you are celebrating what you have together. No tow people will ever love the same as you. They will never share what you share. So why not celebrate it with images. Years from now, even if your relationship doesn’t last (sadly, many these days don’t), you’ll have these images as reminders of that special unique love you once had the honour of sharing.

Those lonely moments: Pictures get you through those sad times of lonielness. We can’t always be there in-person. Life often gets in our way. When life shoves its way between your sweetie and you, all those images you have of the two of you will sustain you. They will keep your connection alive and create a sense of intimacy in a moment when your sweetie isn’t available to do so with you.

Reminders of love. Sometimes we forget how much we are loved. Sometimes when life gets rough, we forget how much we love someone. An album (digital or physical) filled with images of the two of you, together, doing those things that make you happy will remind you of how much you love that other person, and how much they love you. Imagine how much better an argument could end if we took a time out during a heated moment to look at images of ourselves and our sweetie happy with each other, loving one another. Just a reminder of the love you share may be enough to put aside hurtful words and negotiate in a way that makes your relationship stronger.

Whether you chose to get professional couple’s images or take a bunch of ‘couple selfies’ on your phones (And I highly recommend doing both, especially the selfies, as often as you can)  get out there and get those couple pictures.

Now excuse me, I have to follow my own advice and to go take a bunch of photos with my lover…

One last thing, I do offer couple’s images if you’re wondering. You can do couple’s boudoir, glamour, or fantasy sessions. I also offer couple’s maternity. Please contact me though any of the channels below for more information. I’d love to chat with you!

By phone: 250-792-0868

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Stay Gorgeous!

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