Dungeon Master: The Geek-Way to Spending More Time with My Kids

I love my girls; I want to make 2016 Fabulous is by spending more time with them without a screen being involved. One of the ways I am making that happen this year is by learning how to be a DM for them to play Dungeon and Dragons at home.

It all started with my middle daughter. She plays D&D every Saturday with her best friend’s family. I love hearing the stories when she comes home, face alight and her smile huge, about the monsters they fought that day and the new spells her character has learned. It has been a joy to watch her geek flag fly.

When I was in my early 20’s I played D&D for a very short time with my friends. I was sad when the group fell apart and have missed playing ever since. Then, while I visiting one of my best friends on Hornby this summer, I went with her to her D&D game and enjoyed the show from the side lines:I missed it even more. I’ve also spent the last few months listening to a few friends talk about their RPG adventures. I’m green with Jealousy: I wanna play too!

Apparently I’m not the only one in my house who’s feeling this way.  So are my other two daughters and our neighbour. It took months of them listening to my middle daughter’s stories of fun and adventure but they are voicing loudly that they want to play too. All it took was one ‘me too’ from my lips and they jumped at me like starving vultures: Why didn’t I run a game at home for our family to play?!

Um, me? Run an RPG game? The girls are convinced I can do it, and spent a good amount of time encouraging me to reach out to my D&D playing friends who run games to learn how.

So I did. I held my breath, gathered up my courage, and took the first step. I asked for help! And I’m so thankful I have one brilliant GM friend who has linked me to some awesome blogs, a free set of the basic rules, and offered me heaps of encouragement.

So much reading…

But it’s for the girls, and it’ll be 2-4 hours every week of quality family time. I’m so ready to geek out with them!


Jumping behind the screen! Till next week…

Stay Geeky, Gorgeous!

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