Get Ready for Holiday Fun with Jamberry!


The Holidays begin tomorrow in my household with the kids starting their winter break from school. After this weekend we have a busy week of Winter solstice and Christmas celebrations. That’ll quickly be followed by lots of time committed to the Courtney Little Theatre’s production of It’s a Wonderful Life (I’ll be backstage with hair and makeup!), and also gearing up for the New Year and our New Year’s Eve Games Night.

These past couple of months my life has been so full of family obligations, relationship growing pains, business commitments and amazing client interactions, tutoring up at the college, and a number of volunteer projects. I have to admit, I haven’t been doing the best job of looking after myself. This year I have decided to make a pre-new years goal, of taking better care of myself during the hectic holiday times ahead.

Taking better care of myself includes caring more about my appearance and putting a little more effort into it.  I’m going to start wearing make up more often and styling my hair in something more than a ponytail or bun. Finally, nails! I have been wanting to dress up my nails since I finished drywalling at Games and Grounds over 2 months ago. I was thinking about press on nails, but one of the girls in the Meet Up Group I hang out with is a Jamberry consultant. She pulled out the new catalogue at our wine and cheese event and there are some Jamberry nails I’m dyeing to wear for the holidays.

If you are worried about wear time, these babies last. I had one placed on my thumb to try it out (I’m hard on my hands, so I like to test out products before I commit $$$, I once had a professional manicure, and it lasted less than 24 hours. My Jamberry nail sticker lasted weeks, even though one side wasn’t fully attached: they can be a bit tricky to put on at first.

The following are nails I’m excited to wear:

Glow-in-the-Dark nails!!!


Midnight Magic

Metallic Butterflies!


Midnight Magic

Something with a little Christmas…


Season Bright

Sparkles and Snowflakes


Snow and Ice Juniors

I don’t know which to order first. You can check out Tamara’s Jamberry website here! She’s sweet and awesome; so don’t be afraid to contact her if you have any questions or need a little help!

Do you have a business, or know of one, that you would love to see featured on the blog? Do you have a request for a certain product of service to be review or featured? Do you need a little more information or perhaps, help coming up with a creative inspiration that truly brings out your inner goddess, please contact me now. I’d love to chat with you!

By phone: 250-792-0868

By email:

By Facebook: click here!

Stay Gorgeous!


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