Last Minute Gift Ideas

It’s December! Is anybody beside myself excited that the Holidays are almost here?! I sure am excited to get my gifts ready to put under the tree. I’m excited to decorate my tree, and put up the huge ornaments along the edge of the house to add some holiday sparkle. My fingers are crossed that it will snow and I will get to share a white solstice with my children, they are so rare here in the Valley.

On to the last minute ideas for gifting to your loved ones!

My first suggestion is Thrift store and Curio store shopping. Take a day this weekend and google all the stores around you that sell second hand goodies and treasures. Plan your route, get your gift giving list ready, set your budget and set off on your adventure. There are so many unearthed treasures out there waiting for you to discover. Plus when you shop at thrift stores you are supporting local people in your community and reducing waste in your local landfill. Happy Hunting!

If you are a handy person, or at least have hands, and are looking for an easy gift for a woman or girl in your life: finger knit them an infinity scarf! You can find a 20 minute YouTube tutorial here.

If you want a fun and thoughtful gift for someone who loves hitting cafes go to their favourite cafes and buy teas, coffee beans, drink flavours, a branded mug or two and biscotti and treats. Assemble everything into a pretty box or basket and create a unique cafe basket just for that person.

You know that teen that always has their phone, iPod, or tablet attached to their hand and face? Apps are the sure fire gift that will make you their favourite person for the next year, or at least few weeks. If that person is an adult, purchase them a gift subscription to their favourite online magazine or newspaper that they can read on phone or tablet.

For close family members: Home made coupons! It’s a cheesy but well loved idea. Coupons for homemade meals, babysitting, hugs, gutter cleaning, laundry, dog walking, movie night (at the theatre or stay home), or naughty favours if you are gifting these coupons to your significant other! I love handmade coupons.

This might seem silly but…rechargeable batteries! Everybody needs batteries, especially at this time of year. Be thoughtful and get them rechargeable batteries. This gift keeps giving and saves the environment. I know I am always looking for my rechargeable batteries, a nice shiny new pack of them would be an awesome gift this year.

Home made bath salts. Easy-peasy hand made gift. Grab a bag of Epsom salts and pick up some of your favourite essential oils. Get some mason jars, pretty cloth and ribbons. Salt goes in jar, add essential oils, give it a stir, top with cloth and ribbons and voila!

Lastly, there are almost always last minute minute mini sessions that are offered by your favourite photographers! You can check out my last minute gift image session and mobile album deal. And don’t forget Gaia Magick Photography gift certificates for beauty portraits in the new year for all the ladies you love!



Between Now and December 16, I’m booking Last Minute Holiday Image Mini Session Packages ($150). They are short sessions, with a quick viewing and image selection right after. No need to come back to the studio. Package includes a mobile album app sent to your sweetie on either Christmas Eve or Christmas morning. Inbox me for more details or post your question below! Book now, there are only 9 available.

If all else fails, buy your friends and loved ones gift cards, that way they can buy themselves exactly what they want!

If you are thinking about having a holiday images session or ordering images from past session for your gift giving, please contact me in the ways below. Do you need a little more information or perhaps, help coming up with a creative inspiration that truly brings out your inner holiday goddess, please contact me though any of the channels below. I’d love to chat with you!

By phone: 250-792-0868

By email:

By Facebook: click here!

By Website: right here

Stay Gorgeous!


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