How to Halloween on a Budget

Get creative

This is the key to having a cheap halloween! You can create almost anything with a little imagination. Pull out the stuff at the back of your closet and see what you can mix and match together. Go through your jewelry box and see what kind of bling you can add.

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Raid your friends closet

By far mush easier than anything else. All of these woman are wearing my clothes in some fashion, and a lot of woman who come through the studio use clothes from my closet and costumes from my extensive collection. If you borrow from different friends you can always have fun new stuff to wear.

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Use fabric!

This trick is worth it’s weight in fabric. That Artimis costume? A sheet. The ‘flower’ dress? Yards of cheap tulle. The Fall Sprite? Just a long strip of bright orange fabric draped and wrapped around her. It is amazing what you can do with a couple yards of fabric and some safety pins.

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Make up can be your best friend

And it’s probably something you already have around you house or can easily borrow from a friend. I made a faded black eye in under 10 minutes with layers of eye shadow, and the rag doll outfit was easily achieved with a real heavy hand on the blusher. Youtube easy make up tutorials: pin up make up is easy and a classy costume!

Gaia Magick Photography, Comox Valley, Glamour, Chrystal Rossler, Cheesy 90's image recreationGaia Magick Photography, Comox Valley, Rag Doll portrait image, Fantasy Photo session, Mallory Molloy, Chrystal Rossler

Youtube and Google easy how-to special effects and DIY accesories

You can make pretty cheap fake blood and spiderwebs. I think fake skin is pretty easy and cheap to make too. You can also make your own yarn wig with thrift store yarn scraps. Google away!

Recycle some of your old clothes

Lastly use those old event dresses. Grad, wedding, brides-maid dresses. All these will make fabulous costumes-and you’ll get to wear that old dress again!

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And when all else fails; to save some money you can always give out fruit instead of candy-no one will come to your door for years to come!

I’d love to see what you create and wear out to the halloween parties this year. You can contact me through one of the many ways below, send me a picture, and let’s be creative together. I’d love to chat with you too!

By phone: 250-792-0868

By email:

By Facebook: click here!

By Website: right here

Stay Gorgeous!



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