Fall: personal thoughts and meanings

This is not my photo!

This Wednesday will be the Fall Equinox, the pagan celebration of Mabon. It is the second harvest of the year, and a time of giving thanks for the abundance our fruit trees and gardens have shown us. My family and friends, both young and old, will gather at my house for a big potluck feast. I cook up 2 turkeys and 100 pounds (ok, I exaggerate a little) of mashed potatoes, and litres of yummy turkey gravy. Food is an important part of pagan celebrations, but even more so at this time of year. September is the time where we look at our gardens and hope for just a few more days of warm sunshine before the rains set in to ripen the last of the tomatoes, cabbages, fall beets, peppers, and those precious melons (cantaloupe and watermelon in my garden) that were a miracle they grew at all!

Since the beginning of August I have been canning and freezing foods for the winter. Nothing is better on a dark stormy school morning than being able to throw a big spoonful of home made blackberry jam into my daughter’s bowl of hot oatmeal. I can use the apple sauce and the smashed pears in my winter baking and to top pancakes on Solstice morning. I enjoy the connection I feel to my ancestors when I can food, and the sheer challenge of taking fresh foods and saving them for later. I get so excited when I hear my jars seal with the distinct “ting”!

Mabon is also a good time of the year to reflect on all the goals I set for myself, and for Gaia Magick, waaaay back in January and see how I am doing. How much have I accomplished? If there are goals I haven’t met are they still attainable? If not, why didn’t it get done and how can I change the goal for the next year? Or is the unfinished goal no longer necessary? That is ok to, we grow and we change and so should our goals. I’ll spend the next 3 months working to complete goals that are still relevant, and thinking about new ones for the coming year. Ok, in all honesty, I’ll use October and December for that; November is all about NaNoWriMo!

The sunny fall days seem so much more precious than those of the summer, as the rains set in, and the nights get cold. I work harder to not waste them, there is so much to be done outside in the fall, and I want to store up as much outside time as I can before the winter storms hit. Plus I need to get the kids to clean the yard before then or the papers from the summer will be flying all over the neighbours yards too!

At the studio there is a lot going on this fall too. And that is good for those of you who have been putting off having your beauty portraits done due to finical reasons. I’m still searching for Pin Up models for the calendar project (more here), I’m interested in doing some creative sessions that are fall goddess inspired for fun (check out FB for examples), and I’m getting a head start on my christmas images and have put out a model call for ladies who want to have some holiday themed pics done now (here!). You never know you could be featured on this years Happy Holidays card! Here are some passed fall images:

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Celebrate fall with Gaia Magick and get some awesome new images of your fabulous self! If you are interested in any kind of photography portrait session, you should contact me now and we’ll work something out that makes us both happy. Do you need a little more information, please contact me. I’d love to chat with you!

By phone: 250-792-0868

By email: gaiamagickphotography@hotmail.com

By Facebook: click here!

By Website: right here

Stay Gorgeous!


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