A behind the scenes look at: My office-eep!

By: gaiaphotography

Sep 08 2015

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Focal Length:4.15mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 6

September is here, the kids went off to their first day of school this morning and I am sitting in my office wondering what to do with myself. Oh sure, I have a to-do list the height of my body (at least) but when my life does a major shift I’m always left feeling a little adrift. With the summer holidays ending and the kids no longer being home all day I’m finding I’m having a hard time deciding which tasks to deal with first, now that I’ll finally have the distraction free time and sanity to tackle them. As an added bonus, now I have to change my own schedule and routine to fit school day hours and the joy of kid free weekday business hours and then crazy kid filled weekends.

For a quick little blog post, and a break from the daily grind of marketing and editing, I thought I’d give you a little tour of the office. The place where the magick happens behind the scenes. Clients and models only every see the studio; my wonderful studio (I’lll do a behind the scense studio tour one of these days too). Let’s start the short tour:

In my living room, at the very back corner, tucked in neatly-ish is my home office! I love how bright the space is; it doesn’t feel small.

Desk, chair, shelves and loads of paperwork…even though I do most of my work on the computer. A large calendar for keeping the important stuff at a glance and post-it notes galore!

Ok, looking at this I realize the post-it notes are a bit insane! You can see my “Be Fearless” paster and if you moved the manilla envelope (I really must mail that), you’d see my “Be Bold” one as well. Oh look, this blog post is open on my laptop!


And don’t get me started on this shelf! I’m not even sure it gets much use for the business these days with the rest of the household piling stuff on it that they don’t want to put away. I know my printer is under that pile of books and catalogues somewhere 🙂 And yes, that is a Nerf dart gun hiding amongst the shelves. Sometimes I have to shoot the crazies in this house to get a little peace 😉

No mom-preneur office is complete with out a good display of kid art! I need more.

Since this is the first day “back at the office” kid free, I think a great way to get started will be to clean up the desk and shelf and make my office a little more efficient and tidy!


60 Minutes later: Ta-da!


It’s just the desk, I looked at the shelf and thought it was a project better left for a day where the kids wouldn’t be home at noon, but it feels so much better. My office desk hasn’t been this clean in over 11 months.

Ok, now to pick up the kids from school and get lunch on the table!

Don’t forget I’m still looking for Pin Up babes to help out with the pin up caledar for charity. Details on this project can be found here!

If you’ve enjoyed this blog post leave me a comment and tell me what you think of my office. If you work from home, leave a comment with a picture of your office: don’t be shy if its a disaster, we get it. As always if you want to contact me for any reason, you can do so in any of the ways below. I’d love to chat with you!

By phone: 250-792-0868

By email: gaiamagickphotography@hotmail.com

By Facebook: click here!

By Website: right here

Stay Gorgeous!




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