I Cant Stop Capturing Moments, Even While on Vacation!

I swear I didn’t intend to take any photos with a camera, other than fun stuff with my iPhone, when I left the Comox Valley and headed out to Smithers for a long over due family reunion (it’s been 7 years!) and my middle sister’s wedding. I didn’t even take my camera with me; I left it tucked safely away on my desk so it could have a much deserved rest.

But fate would have it that my youngest sister had just bought a camera; which she brought along with her on our trip up north, and promptly handed to me during the crazy bridal party dressing time, asking me to get photos for her of the prep and wedding, since she was in the wedding party and I was not. Being the generous sister I am, I snapped away-couldn’t help myself once the camera was placed in my hands.

It was a gorgeous celebration of the union of two wonderful people. One of the best weddings I’ve been to. The reception was a blast, but I was so busy having fun, I didn’t take any pictures! So here is my sister’s wedding in 17 images. Enjoy.

Jensweddingblog-1 Jensweddingblog-2 Jensweddingblog-3 Jensweddingblog-4 Jensweddingblog-5 Jensweddingblog-6 Jensweddingblog-7 Jensweddingblog-8 Jensweddingblog-9 Jensweddingblog-10 Jensweddingblog-11 Jensweddingblog-12 Jensweddingblog-13 Jensweddingblog-14 Jensweddingblog-15 Jensweddingblog-16

Later on during our reunion my middle sister realized she had forgotten to get her photographer to take pictures of the wedding rings, so I offered to do them for her. The stress of running around with those precious pieces of jewellery couldn’t stop my creativity, and I got some great shots that will speak to both the bride and her horsepower loving groom. Here’s a couple of good ones, and the board that announced the afternoons events.

Jensweddingblog-17 Jensweddingblog-18 Jensweddingblog-20

Congratulations to Jen and Cesar!

May is almost over, and the Mother’s Day packages expire on June 1st, so if you’ve been thinking about getting one for yourself or a fabulous mother you know, contact me now.

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Stay Gorgeous!

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