Magical: Sacred Earth Metaphysical Feature

This post is a little late, due to Friday being the first day of spring and a big celebration in my household. Friday was filled with festivities, food, and friends for us, as we watched spring roar in like a lion this year.

In honour of the spring energies that are now leaping into existence all around us, birds returning and flowers blooming in glorious colours, I’d like to feature one of my favourite new local shops in the Comox Valley. Sacred Earth Metaphysical opened back in December 2014 (gosh, can you believe that was 4 months ago!) and I have been in many times since to view the goodies, get to know the owner, Sheila Toni, and watch the shop blossom as she worked hard to get her products in and set out for display. I love the experience of just being in her store.

It starts the moment you walk in the door, once you figure out which side of the door to push! It is a delight to every sense. The air delights your sense of smell: a light sweet scent yet with a hint of mystery. There is quiet instrumental music playing to tickle your ears, and Sheila is there to greet you with her beautiful smile and welcoming words and energy. Even your sense of touch is enchanted, as there are many objects to pick up, and samples to smell and try on your skin. But the real delight is for your eyes, the number of things to look at, and browse through, is amazing. Sometimes, it really is all about the experience.

At Sacred Earth you’ll find beautiful natural jewellery. Wether you want a piece that is full of coloured stones or just a string of mono-toned coloured wooden or stone beads to compliment your favourite outfit, Sacred Earth will have something to suit your needs. You’ll also find wonderful natural organic perfumes and body lotions to spoil that gorgeous skin you are in. These are the things that will thrill your inner goddess. And books galore! I don’t want to spoil the adventure of your own trip down to Sacred Earth by telling you about everything you will see and find, so if I’ve peeked your interest, go check your calendars and book a time to visit Sheila at Sacred Earth Metaphysical, located at 475 Cliffe Ave. Go have some fun.

You can find Sacred Earth on Facebook Here and view many of the amazing products on Instagram here.

You can find Sacred Earth online here, but the site is currently under maintenance, so you should go visit the store while you wait to window shop her amazing collection of goodies online.

Do you want to know more about what I love about Sacred Earth Metaphysical? Want to see another product or beauty business reviewed? Did you come here looking to learn more about a beauty photography experience? You can contact me any of the ways below, I’d love to chat with you!

Phone: 250-792-0868



Facebook: Gaia Magick Photography

Stay Gorgeous!

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