Spring 30 Day Challenges: Get Your Body and Brain Ready for Summer!

It’s spring, and a great time to bring some new healthy habits and changes into your life. The weather is getting warmer and soon you’ll be stripping off them layers and enjoying much more time outside and off your couch. Gaia Magick is Challenging you to embrace the spring energy and try something new, something you’ve always wanted to do, just something!

30 days is about the amount of time you need to form a new habit in your life.  Hence the popularity of the 30 day challenges that you see all the time. I have a love/hate relationship with those 30 day challenges that constantly pop up on my Facebook newsfeed. I love to start them, and then hate them about 2 weeks in and usually quit. I love the results I see from doing even just a part of them, but I hate the amount of my precious time they tend to take up after the first week or so.

Also, why do you only see challenges that are for your abs, or bum, or even just a specific move (Plank or squats)? But what about all the other good stuff you could be doing for your body like drinking water, reading books, getting off the couch and going onside, dancing? Are there food challenges too? How about some fun challenges?!

I’ve searched the web and compiled some 30 day challenges for you to try. I’ve got workout, water drinking, writing, crafting and more…

30 Day Challenge blog 30_day_drawing_challenge_open_by_tatarana-d4xmecb 30_day_mom_challenge_600px 30_day_photography_challenge 30-day-be-kind 30-day-book-challenge 30-day-butt-challenge 30-day-challenge-nails 30-day-move-it-challenge 30-day-napping-challenge 30-day-water-challenge-tracker 30-Days-Of-Thanks-Challenge 30dayyogachallenge fusion beads 30 day challenge


If you want to do 30 day fitness challenges there are apps for that, and a special website here! Just head over to your device’s app store and type in 30 day fitness challenge. Some are free, and some you pay to play. Try one out and let me know what you think of it in the comments!

I think I’ll challenge myself to create my own 30 day challenge for one of my favourite activities: dancing!

Contact me via the ways listed below to book your post-challenge beauty photography experience to keep yourself motivated as you work through your spring work out challenge! It’ll be an epic celebration of what you accomplish-even if its just a little thing.

By phone: 250-792-0868

By email: gaiamagickphotography@hotmail.com

By Facebook: click here!

Stay Gorgeous!

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