Snow Bunnies Event

I’m doing a photo shoot like you’ve never seen before: sexy snow bunnies!

The plan is to take some brave ladies up the mountain and photograph them in their fanciest underthings, furry snow gear and hand made custom cloaks. This day will certainly be one filled with goosebumps, hot chocolate and new friends! The date is tentatively set for Sunday December 29, 2013, but could change depending on weather.

You don’t need any modelling experience to take part in this shoot, but you do have to be 19 years or older and be willing to sign a model release form.

There will be a $125 non-refundable deposit due when you book your seat. This deposit will help offset the cost of the custom cloaks and will be fully applied to your print orders on the viewing date. I will be sewing every lovely lady who wishes to take part in this event, a custom cloak. The cloaks will add romance, drama and hopefully some extra warmth for this cool (Ok, cold!) boudoir shoot. You can help choose the colours you would like your cloak to be and after the shoot, you may purchase your cloak, or one that has not been claimed by it’s wearer.

HERE is the link to the Pinterest Board I’ve started for this event, feel free to add to the board.

And HERE is a link to a YouTube video to give you an idea of what this event could look like!

We will be car pooling up the mountain, hopefully taking 2 mini vans, so if you are uncomfortable with driving up the mountain you won’t have to. When we’re up the mountain, I will do my best to find a secluded area for our shoot, but the odd person (or yeti) may wander through because we are technically in a public area.

Currently, there are 4 spots available, so please book soon if you’re interested. In the event that there is a huge demand for this shoot, we will find more vehicles, and I will open up a couple more spots. I can accept payments via email transfer, cash, cheque, or credit card. If you have any question, feel free to email me at :

Let’s go have a winter shoot to remember!


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