Get the 411 on all Things Corset!

With the help of a friend I decided it was time to do a blog post totally dedicated to corsets. I have had a number of ladies come to sessions with corsets that didn’t fit right, and with the cash investment a corset can require, that is just not a great start to a session. I have also had friends and clients ask me about the difference in corsets (fashion, waist training, steel boned , under-bust, over-bust… wha?!) and how to buy one for their proper size. Remember it’s always better to have an adjustable corset be a little too small, than too big! You can always add new ribbons or cords to get the right fit on a corset that is slightly smaller than you need, but there isn’t anything you can do to fit a corset that is too big. Trust me on this one.

Let’s start with the various styles of corsets. The most common one these days is the fashion corset, which usually has plastic boneing in the seems. These are meant to hug your body and provide minimal support for your ladies. These corsets are not meant for those of you who have been overly blessed in the breast department or if you want to shrink your waist down a couple inches. This doesn’t mean, if you are larger, that you wont look great in a fashion corset-cause damn girl you will look sexy! Waist training and steel boned mean exactly the same thing. Steel boned corsets are heavy duty, and based on the corsets they wore in ol’ Victorian England, only way nicer looking. They will reduce the size of your waist up to 4-5 inches, and provide a ton of support. That being said they aren’t the most comfortable garment for a casual day or all day wear. And I mean it when I say they are heavy!

Gaia Magick Photography, Comox Valley, Glamour photography, Boudoir Photography, HOw to buy a corset, How to size a corset

Images are not mine, I take no credit for these photographs

Ok, so what is with Under-bust and Over-bust you ask?! Over-bust covers up your boobs as well as slimming your body and providing support for those lovely breast of yours. This means you can wear an over-bust corset all on its own or under/over clothing. Under-bust corsets however need to be worn with other clothing garments like blouses, t-shirts, teddies, ect. An under-bust comes up and cups the bottom of your breasts, providing support and figure slimming/enhancing. These babies take an every day outfit and rocket it right into the sex-isphere! If you want to accent your waist and breasts, but not have your ladies out where the public can view them, an under-bust corset is the way to go. Under-busts also seem a little less complicated to get into, especially if you are a first timer.

Gaia Magick Photography, Comox Valley, Glamour photography, Boudoir Photography, HOw to buy a corset, How to size a corset

Images are not mine, I take no credit for these photographs

Sizing, this can be tricky with corsets that aren’t custom made. Fashion corsets are sized according to dress sizes. So they can be labelled either with numbers (6-18) or size (S-XXL). Choose a corset that is either your dress size, or the closest to your dress size-keep in mind a size 8 could wear a size 6, but she would have skin showing through her lacings and may have to add a new lacing cord. I am roughly a size 4/XS but I can fit into the size 6/small corsets if I do them up almost all the way. I rarely have much skin showing through the lacings (which I hate!). Sizing for waist training/steel boned corsets is a bit more tricky. Sizing is shown inches, but this is the smallest the corset will go once tightened-it is the inches your waist will be. So to size a waist training corset you need to purchase a corset that is 4-5 inches smaller than your waist is right now. So if you have a 32″ waist you would purchase a waist training corset that is sized 28″ to get the maximum waist shinkage! You could however, also purchase a waist training corset in a 30″ if the company was out of size 28″ corsets IF you didn’t necessarily want to slim your waist the full 4-5 inches.

For more info check out my favourite corset suppliers FAQ page! Happy Corset buying!!

Extra Corset blog tip: Fashion tape is ah-maz-ing! Fashion tape (or as it is fondly called in the studio, boob tape) is double sided tape that is skin safe, in most cases. Alway test the tape on your skin at home before venturing out with the tape on your body. I use it to keep my girls both riding high in my corset tops, as well as making sure I don’t bounce out of said corset and flash some unexpecting bystander  (though I doubt the bystander would mind all that much)!

If you want help picking out, sizing or ordering a corset feel free to contact me by phone 250-792-0868, email, or leave me a comment with contact info and I’ll happily help you find just the right corset-even if you don’t want to book a session with me! Corsets are the ultimate piece of sexy feminine clothing and every woman should own at least one corset she feels like a goddess in!

Stay Gorgeous!


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