Mischievous Melissa: a little bit of everything all rolled into one!

I did this session a while back but had to keep all the images on the down-low, as Melissa had this session done for images to give to her husband, who works far away in camp, as a birthday surprise. On a busy Thursday afternoon Melissa called me in a panic wondering if she could get some pin up or boudoir style images done in a hurry for her dear husband, who would only be home for a week, who’s birthday was a week away. While I knew I couldn’t get products from my supplier done that quickly, I knew I had the skills to get her stunning images, with short notice and very little planning. Luckily, I had the time management skills to squeeze her session into my weekend and make it all work. Being a big ol’ romantic softie, how could I turn down a woman wanting to surprise a husband she loves very much?!

After the phone call, and mad rush for us both to get ideas, and costumes organized, a session date planned and a rough theme figured out-Melissa arrived at the studio for her session a little harried and unsure what to expect. We got right down to biz-ness and sorted through all the outfits we had collectively gathered. Wow, my studio looked like a tornado had ripped through a Vegas show girls closet! Pretty awesome! We pieced together three great outfits and then got the hair and make up rolling. I think make up is my favourite part-aside from taking pictures, of course!

Gaia Magick Photography, Comox Valley, 80's Glam Rock Boudoir Photos, Chrystal Rossler, Melissa

As the session rolled on and we weathered a number of interruptions from both her family and mine, she told me that unfortunately her husband had been unexpectedly recalled back to camp early. Too bad about the birthday surprise. Well of course I agreed to keep the images hush, hush untill she got a chance to deliver her husband’s birthday gift in person (would be a waste, any other way!).

Gaia Magick Photography, Comox Valley, Burlesque Photos, Chrystal Rossler, Melissa

This session was Fab-U-Lous! Really. Between costumes changes, prop changes, hair change, eye-lash falsies changes and make up touch ups- this session was more like the boys idea of what goes on at a teen girls sleep over party than a photo shoot. We pulled off burlesque style, 80’s glam rock boudoir, and some pin up images. Fun cubed (math geek slip!). And damn she pulled off each look with gorgeous and playful flare. Melissa is a real stunner! I really hope she comes back for another session, perhaps some thing a little less theatrical, or maybe even more theatrical! Some days the thought of “if you could only see what goes on in my studio…” really hits home.

If you’d like to book your own birthday surprise session why not contact me for more information or to book a date? You can contact me by phone 250-792-0868 or email gaiamagickphotography@hotmail.com

Stay Gorgeous!


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