Why I don’t Sell Digital Files

There are two reasons I don’t sell digital files. Both are very important to me, and I’m writing this post to help you understand my decision. First is the concern of money-I know not everybody’s favourite subject but it’s important to consider. Beauty photography is a very specialized market niche within the photography industry as a whole. It requires greater time and cost to learn (and perfect) how to pose and edit woman to look their best, than family or children’s portraits. It also has higher client concerns, and risks involved than family portraiture. I work hard to keep a balance between keeping my kids clothed and fed, and keeping my prices low so that every woman can afford to feel pampered and special at least once. I am passionate about making women feel good about themselves, it is what drives my business and my dedication to learn and improve my skills every day. But I often lose site of my need to bring money to support my family and this is part of what drives me to not sell my digital files.  If I sell a digital file I lose the income I could have made off of  my client purchasing prints or products. Most photographers will say ‘then charge a price for a digital that would make up for the lost income’. If I was to charge $200-250 per digital image, that completely goes against my desire to have affordable pricing.

Second is what happens to those files once you take them home. I’ll explain what I mean in a second. The experience of the session is only one part to making a woman feel good. Those warm fuzzy feelings a woman walks away with from a session or a viewing only last so long. Then the every day starts to weigh down that woman and she forgets how she felt during her session. The prints and products I provide for my clients are the reminder of that session and those feelings of love for herself, and a reminder of how beautiful she truly is. What happens when you have digital files? If you are anything like me they sit on a desk, shelf, or hard drive and are never looked at again. We get busy and we forget what we can’t see. They don’t serve to purpose I intend for my products to serve. Long after her session, I want the women I photograph to feel good about themselves just they way they are.

These are the reasons I don’t sell digital files. BUT I do understand we now live in a digital world and we are all on our computers, tablets and phones surfing Facebook, and  send emails. This is why I use the stickyalbums. These are digital images you can share once you’ve made a purchase. My gift to you.

And if you still must have your digital files, I have included some with the purchase of an album, or within the collection packages. Now we can both be happy!

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