Fantasy Rag Doll Session with Mallory

On an beautiful sunny Friday Mallory came to the studio to have her Rag Doll inspired fantasy shoot. This was the final session in a week long stint of glamour sessions, and I was more than ready to change my shooting style up, and switch to some new make up techniques. This session was going to be all about silly fun but done sexy style! I think we did a great job, Mallory and I, with this idea and the images are really one of a kind!

Gaia Magick Photography, Comox Valley, Fantasy, Rag doll photo images, Glamour, Chrystal Rossler, Mallory Molloy

This session really was an interesting mix of silly “loose limbed” rag doll poses-some that worked and some that really didn’t- and more sexy tease poses. We laughed a lot during the session. Mallory did a good job of putting her body into unnatural positions, and holding them, while I photographed her. And her sexy images are quite provocative. We even used a sucker I had laying around on the shelf in the studio. Poor Mallory, she kept trying to eat the sucker between photos and I kept taking it away and giving it back. She was a great sport about it, and I let her take the sucker home. I hope you enjoyed the sugar rush Mallory, and remembered to brush your teeth!

We started the session out in the studio, as I was hoping to give the session a bit of a lost in the attic feel, and then moved outside for the final round of images. I was really quite surprised at how well the outdoor images turned out, and if I do a session like this again I will do more images outside in more locations.

Gaia Magick Photography, Comox Valley, Fantasy, Rag doll photo images, Glamour, Chrystal Rossler, Mallory Molloy

Interested in your own rag doll session? Have an idea for a fantasy session you’d like to do? Need more information about fantasy sessions, or any other style of female portraiture? Are you a guy wanting me to take your picture (I do that too sometimes!)? Contact me by phone at 250-792-0868 or email me at Remember there are no stupid questions! I’d love to hear form you.


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