Best Friends Teen Glamour with Chantel & Sophie

Last week I had the pleasure of photographing two best friends. There is nothing like having a couple of young girls in your studio to really make you feel young and silly. I had a blast playing around in the studio with these two, who were great sports, despite a nosey mom.  I could not have asked for better clients on day three of my week long photo shoot schedule.

We did three outfit changes, plus a combination of shots with both of them, and then individual portraits. We tried to be both serious, so we had good images parents would be happy with, and silly images that captured the spirt of being 12. I think we did a pretty good job on both. While I did individual portraits, I let the other girl choose which poses we would use for her friend, which kept the session moving along and ensured I never had a bored pre-teen on my hands.


Because these gals are young and just beginning to explore the wonderful world of make up I kept their face paint light, and as natural as possible while still giving them a pop of colour. The outfits they chose ranged from my favourite combo of jeans and shirts, to fancier dresses, and then in-your-face shirts and shorts. The results were pretty darn gorgeous, and these two girls look like teen glamour magazine models.


I really enjoy the energy and spirit behind teen glam sessions. They are so much much fun, and a refreshing change from photographing the more serious adult sessions. Plus, if you want kids to really smile, sometimes you have to get weirdly silly and yell out phrases you would never say in regular business.


If you are interested in a teen glam session, or know teen who would love to have some fun, get dressed up and have gorgeous images to cherish, contact me at 250-792-0868, or


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