What to Wear: Burlesque

Ahh, Burlesque. Have you seen the movie by that name with Christina Aguilera and Cher (love,love, love Cher!)? Great movie, even if you aren’t crazy about romance, or singing! The costumes are absolutely amazing. Even breath taking at times. Or what about a Burlesque show? Have you ever been to one? I hear they are a riot. And the next time we have one in town, I am so buying tickets-for me and some of my favourite ladies. You’re probably asking yourself why I’m talking about a movie and the theatre when this is supposed to be a what to wear guide. The answer is if you’ve seen the movie or been to a show, you’d know that pretty much anything goes for burlesque-even nudity! Burlesque is all about cheeky fun heavily laddened with sexual innuendo. It is one of the most fun shoots to shop for and photograph.

Gaia Magick Photography, Comox Valley, Burlesque, what to wear

For your burlesque shoot wardrobe you can’t fail with a great corset. I have about 2 dozen corsets, both under bust and over bust. I love them so much, I’ve actually taken up making my own, as I get a better fit that way. I own fashion corsets that have plastic boning and waist training ones with steel boneing. I have corset dresses and outfits. If you’d like to borrow a corset form the studio you need to fit somewhere between an XS-M. If you’d like to purchase your own I highly recommend Corsets UK. They are amazing, have the biggest selection and have regular sales and discounts that make high quality corsets affordable. 90% of my corsets have been bought from this company, and I’ve never been dissatisfied. They also have a selection just for burlesque, which includes head bands and fascinators (the little hats). Another option for ‘tops’ is pasties to cover your nipples. They have some great ones on the market these days. Sequinned, tasselled, and shaped. I have a few reusable pairs in the studio if you’d like to take a look or ask questions, and some single use ones in the shapes of butterflies and lipstick kisses that can be purchased for $5.

Gaia Magick Photography, Comox Valley, Burlesque, what to wear

Bustle skirts and ruffled booty shorts/underwear make great bottoms for your burlesque session. Got a tutu you love? That can be worn as a bottom for your burlesque shoot too. Or, if you are feeling particularly daring, you could purchase a thong with rhinestones on it. Nothing says burlesque like feathers and bling! Don’t be too worried about what to wear on your bottom half, burlesque is focused on your top half-and it doesn’t have to be large to be spectacular!

Gaia Magick Photography, Comox Valley, Burlesque, what to wear

Finally, don’t forget the stockings! Thigh highs, and garters are a must to complete your burlesque outfit. If you want full body stockings, that could work too! Fishnets are all the rage and come in many patterns and colours. Find a pair that matches your corset or pasties, or chose a simple black pair. I have a number of style options in the studio that can be borrowed for your session.

Gaia Magick Photography, Comox Valley, Burlesque, what to wear

Got you inspired? Wanting your own Burlesque photo session? Need more information or help picking out clothing? Contact me by email or phone:



See you in the studio soon, you Burlesque Tease!

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