VIP Membership: Referral Program!


The Gaia Magick VIP membership program is here ladies! This means you can earn some “free money” by getting your friends to come have a session that will make you both feel good! She’ll feel spoiled and glamourous and you’ll feel excited that you have a gift certificate to spend on yourself for a future session or order- you get to spend more on images or have that next session sooner!

Here’s how it works. Once you have your very own Gaia Magick Photography portrait session I’ll give you a VIP membership envelope. Inside are referral cards for you to give out to all the ladies you know that might be interested in having a session at Gaia Magick Photography. When these ladies contact me and book their sessions, I will ask who referred them, and immediately send you a thank you card containing a $40 gift certificate in the mail the next day. These gift certificates can be used towards future sessions and orders only. So you refer 5 ladies who come have sessions, and you’ve just earned yourself a free session or an 8×10 canvas print. Who doesn’t love great rewards for something you were going to do anyway!

Already been photographed by Gaia Magick, but don’t have referral cards and still want to be a VIP and earn your rewards? No problem, I will be sending out VIP packages in the mail just for you ladies that have been previously photographed!

So spread the love and get rewarded!


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