What to Wear: Pin Up

If you’ve been thinking about having a pin up photo shoot, wether with Gaia Magick Photography or another photographer, but have been a little lost as to what you should bring to your session or go shopping for-this blog post is for you! Before I even get started on showing you possibilities and directing you to online shops and resources, I fist want to tell you that pin up is less about the clothing, hair, and accessories and more about the attitude and confidence you bring with you to the session. I want you to take a moment and think about your mother or grandmother (maybe even your great grandmother). These ladies were rocking the pin up look, style and attitude long before you, or I, were ever born! Pin Up is strong on the inside and sweet n’ sassy on the outside.

There are many styles of Pin Up, but don’t get too caught up in that. You’re session will be a lot less stressful if you go with an attitude of finding clothes that fit your body and style right. Soooo, what would you bring for a pin up shoot? Well super high waisted pants, pencil skirts, checkered or polka dot shirts and dresses, sailor or cute army outfits, coveralls, short jean shorts, aprons and vintage style bathing suits are all great options. Don’t forget the garter belt and thigh high stockings! Look at Pintrest or google search Pin Ups for ideas. There is so much out there these days, it’ll be hard to choose. But get creative, you can find lots of good treasures in your own closet, a friend or relatives closet, or a thrift store.

If you are local, in the Comox Valley or Campbell River area, you are in luck as we have three great places to find vintage and retro inspires clothing. Jack’d Clothing is an alternative clothing store, but Debbie (who is amazing!!!) stocks some great accessories, aprons, shoes, and dresses that have that pin up look. Jack’d is number one on my favourite places to shop. My second local store, just up the street form Jack’d is Bonnie & Clyde Clothing-this store is the Pin Up mecca of the Comox Valley. Dresses, shoes, and accessories galore- for both men and women. It’s like going back in time, but with sparkles.  Britches & Hose Vintage Clothing is located in Campbell River. While I haven’t made it up island to check out the store, I regularly visit the Facebook page and see lots of great Pin Up items, especially for the plus sized girls!

If you are wanting to shop online, or aren’t located near the comox valley these websites are pretty cool. If only I had a million dollars, I’d spend all day ordering things from these places!

Rockabilly’s Clothing– This is 1950’s Rock and Roll inspired clothing and accessories.

Unique Vintage– Oh man, I love this site. I spend hours on here drooling and making wish lists. This is super vintage inspired Pin Up clothing for all occasions. My friend found this site and passed it along to me, now I’m sending you here to dream!

PinUp Girl Clothing- Another fantastic 1940’s inspired clothing store. Make sure you have lots of time free to browse this site, it’ll take a while to get a good look.

Got you inspired? Wanting your own Pin Up photo session? Need more information or help picking out clothing? Contact me by email or phone:



See you in the studio soon, you Pin Up Babe!

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