I’ve Never Done This Before!

“I’ve never done this before” is a phrase I’ve heard almost every woman say when she comes into my studio, wether its for her consultation or for her photography session. Yup, that even includes many of the models I’ve taken pictures of. And it’s not a saying that is limited to any one of the more nudity focused styles like fine art nudes, or burlesque. My pin up and boudoir clients often express this same sympathy. Heck, even my glamour and fantasy portrait clients come to me and inevitably mention “I’ve never done this before”-and these ladies are fully dressed! I can’t say the same thing goes for men, as I do not often photograph them often, but I would hazard a guess that if I did, they would say the same, or at least be thinking it!

This phrase is a double sided emotional coin for me. In this I mean, I feel two strong but pretty opposite feelings when I hear my clients and models tell me this. I feel sad that even though we live in a society where women are free to wholly express themselves, to revel in our unique bodies and honour our own inner goddesses, yet we don’t; wether this is because our culture tells us we are not beautiful, or we tell ourselves we’re not good enough or that we shouldn’t/can’t spend money on ourselves.

We photograph our children, our parents, our friends and all our loved ones. We pay money to have professionals capture images of those most dear to us, our families and friends, to create memories that will last beyond our life time. Yet, we do not do this for ourselves. We deny ourselves and our children, and their children, access to beautiful photographs of who we are as glorious individuals-not just so-and-so’s wife, mother, sister, ect. Can you imagine what it would be like for your grandchild to show her grandchild a photograph of you in all your stunning glory, and tell her that she looks just like you at “that age”?! If that child years from now can see you owning who you are today, and taking great joy in yourself-flaws and all (hey, none of us are perfect!)- imagine the positive impact you could have on a little girl you may never have the joy of meeting.

And this brings me to the other side of my emotional coin: the joy and satisfaction I get every time I hear a woman saying she’s “never done anything like this” before, because I know I’m helping to create the opportunity for them to embrace themselves, exactly who they are in that moment, to embrace their inner goddess, and celebrate and express themselves as uniquely vivacious women. These women have chosen to allow me to join them as they experience everything a Personal portrait session has to offer. These brave women give me the power to help make themselves see and feel their own radiant beauty. And after the portrait session I get to provide these wonderful women with gorgeous high quality images, prints, and albums that they can treasure and pass down through the generations. I love my job!

But there is more to this story. For a long time I wanted to have professional images of myself taken, I saw the beautiful images I could create of my own children, and I wanted some of my own-but self portraits was never a skill I could master, and I couldn’t afford a boudoir session with Karen McKinnon (who is an amazing local photographer!). And if I’m really honest, boudoir doesn’t suit my personal style, I’m more of a burlesque or fantasy girl! In the last 2 years I have been very fortunate in my life; as I have connected with other photographers in the valley, and those within my circle of friends, I have had the opportunity to model for photographers who have created some amazing images for me at a very low cost. I now try to make sure I have images taken of myself, for myself, at least once a year, with fellow photographers whose interests in female photography are similar to mine so that we can trade services and share skills, at low to no cost. But not every woman can be fortunate enough to know a decent photographer to trade with.

This is the reason I have chosen to focus my talents and skills on photographing women in beautiful, creative, and flattering styles. This why I created gift vouchers, payment plans, and a referral program. I believe all women should have the opportunity to celebrate themselves, to create beautiful images that are unique to them, and that don’t have to be out of their budget. I want to create a business that not only feeds my family and but my community too. I am a woman with a camera who dreams of helping other women see themselves as the gorgeous and wonderful individuals they are.

Interested in a personal portrait session? Want to know more about payment plans or the referral program? Please contact me for more information or to book a pre-session consult at gaiamagickphotography@hotmail.com or 250-792-0868.

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