ARRR-you ready to see a Sexy Pirate?!

By: gaiaphotography

Jul 05 2013

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Category: Fantasy Sessions, Glamour photography, outdoor photography, Sexy portraits

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Focal Length:35mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D90

Last week I shot another of the Gaia Magick’s 1st Birthday give away session, which are now all gone. You’ve seen Courtney on the blog previously, usually she’s helping me with some photo idea that I had and wanted to try out or play with. But today she’s on the blog with a full session all of her own! We had discussed a pirate shoot ages ago, and had gone on many shopping trips picking up items here and there that could work for a pirate, while shopping for many other things.  This, of course, means when Courtney scheduled her session with me I went to haul out our treasure chest of goodies and was over whelmed by what we had collected. We really could have done 3-4 different sexy pirate outfits! We chose to only do one outfit, this was due to wanting an on-location shoot where there wouldn’t be any where discreet to change, so we spent a good chunk of our prep time trying different combinations till we got the perfect outfit.

Make up wasn’t quick but with the help of it was pretty easy to get the perfect look for a sexy pirate. I loved the mix of dark browns and shimmery purples-and they went so well with Courtney’s hair and skin tones that it was just so glamourous. Courtney brought her own sword, which looks way better than my fake halloween prop! My gosh, the real sword- it just made her look more fiercely sexy.

Gaia Magick Photography, Comox Valley, Glamour Portraits, Fantasy sessions, Chrystal Rossler, Courtney Pozzolo

As we got to our “secret” location the grey clouds were rolling in, and the wind was blowing off the bay. We hoped the rain would hold off till we finished out shoot. We exited the van and headed out along the walk way. We ran in to one person on the way out to the point, which was our first shoot location, and he took one look at us, whipped out his phone and started typing-I’m sure he was texting a buddy telling him he just ran into 2 crazy sexy chicks! Later, as we exited the second location on the beach Courtney noticed another guy with binoculars who looked suspiciously like he was watching us (go a head and stare, we don’t mind!), and we had a good laugh.

Gaia Magick Photography, Comox Valley, Glamour Portraits, Fantasy sessions, Chrystal Rossler, Courtney Pozzolo

We got super lucky during this session, and I shot “hot and fast” and Courtney modelled like a sexy pro, and the rain mostly held off while we shot the session. It spit a little, the weather threatening us with water, but the real rain didn’t start till we packed up our stuff and walked along the beach back to the van. That was when the sky open up and it really started to pour.

All in all, a great session, with some amazing images! I’m off on vacation so I wont be shooting for a couple weeks, but there will still be content making it’s way onto the blog. I’m going to do a series of What to Wear guides, incase you’ve been thinking about a shoot but worried you have nothing to wear! I’ll be thinking of you as I sit in the sun on the beach, see you in couple weeks!


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