Call Out for Ladies with Wedding Dresses

If you are a lady with a wedding dress, I want you! I’m looking for some brave souls with wedding dresses who want some stunning images of themselves to contact me for a Glam the Dress session-no charge and no obligation to buy. I don’t care what your martial status, age, weight, height or ethnicity is: you just need to have a wedding dress and be willing to be pampered and photographed for an afternoon. You don’t have to own the dress: borrow one from a friend, or head over to your local thrift store. You don’t even have to fit in the dress! I’ll sew you into if I need to.

What is a Glam the Dress session you ask?! Well it’s the opposite of a Wreck the Dress session (which I do offer too). Come by the studio, put on the wedding dress you bring with you, and we’ll do some beautiful bridal style hair and make up to make you feel drop dead diva good! Then you’ll sashay around the studio, or back yard-depending on the weather, and we’ll create stunning bridal magazine style images. The image above, done by Australian glamour photographer extraordinaire Sue Bryce, is an example of what a Glam the Dress session image could look like.

I am offering a limited number of these sessions at no charge to you, while I get me feet wet and flex my skill building muscles. If you are interested, or have any questions, please contact me right away at 250-792-0868 or email me at -Come feel glamourous in a stress free and fun environment!


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