Playing with Artemis: Nicole’s Greek Goddess Portraits

By: gaiaphotography

Jun 02 2013

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Focal Length:35mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D90

Yet another really amazing costume and shoot idea from one of my new models and friends! Nicole scooped up a free session as soon as she heard about them, and then couldn’t decide what she wanted to do. I think she was feeling a little shy, even though she had already modelled for the bunny sessionmaybe it was beacause this time she would be going solo! I was asking her about any ideas she might have for session during our little viewing party for the bunny images, and she hesitantly put forward the idea of a Greek goddess session: of course I jumped right on that idea. Nicole loves, no lives for, Greek mythology! And she has a bow she has been dieing to rescue from storage and play with. While we didn’t actually do any archery with her bow, her arm and shoulder got a great work out from pulling back the bow string and then holding it while I photographed her! If you’ve ever done any archery, you know what I’m talking about.

Gaia Magick Photography, Comox Valley, Fantasy portrait, Artemis, Glamour photography, Nicole Fulton

The sun was gorgeous on that Friday afternoon, which was a good change from the clouds and rain that week, and really lucky for us, as it is still too cold to do any long shoots in the woods in the rain here. That is more of an August adventure. Then there was the adventure of tying her chiton… I had thought toga, but of course that was Roman and not Greek (whoops! but lots of people make that mistake!), and all the videos I had watched were no help. We had a handy-dandy tying illustration that really was more like a Where’s Waldo puzzle, but we eventually got that part figured out. We decided since she was going to be a hunting goddess, we were going to cut the bed sheet to knee-ish length, which was probably a good idea, hiking the woods in a long bed sheet just kind of tied around you could have been a mess!  But at least her make up was goddess gorgeous!

Finally we made it to the woods and the images started to flow. Nicole is a great model, so much fun to direct and work with. She was flexible in her idea of what shots we should get and we got a number of really good actions ones with the bow, and beautiful peaceful ones of her in the grass. I think those are my favourite!

Gaia Magick Photography, Comox Valley, Fantasy portrait, Artemis, Glamour photography, Nicole Fulton

This session was a great experience full of laughs and giggles. As I’ve mentioned before, a reflector in the face can cause some pretty good non-sexy faces and this always makes me and my wonderful clients laugh. I loved working with Nicole on this session and can’t wait to see if we pull off an even bigger one this summer with more goddesses in a feild. Wish us luck-we’re going to need lots more bed sheets!


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