Coy Candice: A Goddess at Sunset

By: gaiaphotography

May 24 2013

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Category: Glamour photography, individual portraits, outdoor photography, Sexy portraits

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Focal Length:18mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D90

Well I got the beautiful Candice in front of my camera again! This time we did a beautiful glamour session on a local beach at sunset. She was very sexy, golden, boho goddess for this session. This is the second of the 10 free sessions I gave away for Gaia Magick’s 1st birthday. (Can a photography biz have a birthday, or is it an anniversary?!) This session was hot, hot, hot-despite the chill in the air and the fact she got in the water… as did my assistant! Apparently the water was cold, but I didn’t get in. I stayed dry on the beach.

Gaia Magick Photography, Comox Valley, Glamour, sunset, beach, Candice Kennedy

You know I’m surprised people keep working for me, as I always post these kids of photos-it’s not a sexy job, being a photographer’s assistant. Especially on those outdoor shoots.

Gaia Magick Photography, Comox Valley, Glamour, sunset, beach, Candice Kennedy

There were a lot of jokes about being a model and learning to keep your eyes open and sexy while there was a big bright light shining in your face. Candice I am in awe of your powers to not get squinty when the reflectors flashing in your eyes, I got some gorgeous images! To balance out the light in the eyes issue, we did some stunning silhouette images on the beach as well. I learned some things about shooting in a sunset (I REALLY need that polarized filter!), and got some images that I am over the moon for. All around, an excellent session. All three of us has a great time, lots of laughs and fun-session success!

Still to come: Cutie newborn session, stunning earth goddess, and a wicked Greek sailor pin up session. Oh yeah!

One comment on “Coy Candice: A Goddess at Sunset”

  1. […] look at what a session is like, Candice brought Mallory along as a volunteer assistant for the sunset shoot . And Mallory had such a good time (I’ve been telling you: fun is the name of the game over […]

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