Maternity Portraits: Calia’s Miracle Baby

By: gaiaphotography

Apr 27 2013

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Focal Length:35mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D90

I’ve known Calia since our first babies were very little, and we’ve been friends just as long. Our older children are best friends, and our girls have spent much of their lives being raised together. Just this past fall and winter Calia was diagnosed with cancer, and found out she had a surprise pregnancy. It was a rocky few months before she knew for sure she had kicked cancer’s butt and was going to be able to see this pregnancy through to the end. A true miracle baby, is child number 3.


I love taking maternity portraits. I don’t get to do them nearly as often as I would like, so when Calia came over for a visit with her beautiful baby belly, I jumped at the chance to document what I am sure will be her last pregnancy. (Her partner thinks I’m wrong about that, but we aren’t getting any younger!) You may recognize the shirt in the image above, it is the same over sized men’s dress shirt we used during her boudoir session last May!

Calia Gregory, maternity portraits, photography, Comox valley

For this session I wanted to play with natural light diffused, and interesting light and shadow patterns to show off that beautiful belly. Being a creative soul herself, Calia wanted to do belly painting, and a belly cast as well. Of course I hoped on board to help out with these great ideas. I did her maternity photos on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon, returned on Monday to paint up her belly and photograph the results and then finally to slap some plaster of Paris onto that belly to make the cast. We haven’t had a chance to finish off the plaster cast, but hopfully once we do I’ll remember to post some images of it as well.


Coming up on the blog soon are two fun shoots: a purple and pink Cheshire cat in the park, and a beautiful golden goddess on a sunset beach. Enjoy the warmer weather and get outside!

One comment on “Maternity Portraits: Calia’s Miracle Baby”

  1. Hi Chrystal,this is a very moving blogpost in more ways than one.For starters,let me say that you’re one GREAT photographer!As for Calia and her situation,I think it’s WONDERFUL that she kicked cancer’s butt as you say and was then able to see her pregnancy through to the end!!!And baby bellies ALWAYS move me!Calia had one of the most BEAUTIFUL I’ve ever seen and to me her large innie bellybutton makes it all the more APPEALING and PLEASING TO LOOK AT!!!!!!!!!!!

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