Getting Hoppy with it: 2 bunnies better than one?

Well I need marketing pictures for the April spring flowers and bunnies mini sessions so I called in 2 of my college buddies to see what we could come up with. And I have to say I am pretty amazed with them, the session we had, and the images we got! Nicole was initially a little shy about glamour modelling for the camera but that was quickly eroded by her creativity and excitement. As soon as I let her loose in my costume room this girl grew an iron spine and suddenly instead of playful little bunnies, I had 2 playboy bunnys on my hands. From Glamour to Burlesque photography in 2.5 seconds! My studio and costume room have yet to recover. And I think I’ll be picking up boa feathers for the next month or so!

Wow, these girls were a riot to photograph. So much fun. The ideas whirled around us like a tornado, we had three (or was it 4) outfit changes- including topless girls! These girls were like bunnies on coffee, so much energy during our session. And they took direction really well. And rolled with the fact we had the curtains up to take advantage of the late afternoon light, and there was a slight possibility people could see them from the street! But it turned out later you couldn’t really see much of anything from the sidewalk. If we do anymore topless stuff with the curtains up I’ll be getting more diffusing fabric and some reflectors to bounce light in and block the view of curious pedestrians! What a pleasure these girls were to work with.

You’ll see Gemma again soon on a solo shoot for the May mini sessions… but I wont give away what the theme is yet, I’ll just say mysterious! Still to come on the blog is the Femme Natale images (there are a lot of them, so it’s taking me time to get through them), and the beautiful Deedre from Spirit Wings. Plus I have another double models session coming up mid-april, Maddy and Alida will be back in the studio, together this time, playing with pounds of glitter. That is sure to be some messy fun!

School is almost done for me so I’ll have lots of new times opening up for sessions. If you’d like to book a session or volunteer to model (you get a free 8×10 of your favourite image to say thank you!) contact me and we’ll get you set up!



One comment on “Getting Hoppy with it: 2 bunnies better than one?”

  1. […] wanted to do. I think she was feeling a little shy, even though she had already modelled for the bunny session-maybe it was beacause this time she would be going solo! I was asking her about any ideas she might […]

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