Delightful Deedre of Spirit Wings

By: gaiaphotography

Apr 08 2013

Category: Glamour photography, individual portraits, outdoor photography

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Focal Length:35mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D90

One of the things I love most about going to college is getting to meet all the interesting people I never would have met in my every day life. I met this bright beautiful woman a couple years ago just by chance in a hallway while waiting to meet up with another student. Though chatting I found out she was in the web design program, which is very demanding- you go girl! As I got to know her better, I learned about her business (she’s an angel coach, way cool!) and offered to provided her with images for the website she was creating. I’m not sure whether I initially offered nature stock or portraits, but we we got down to getting serious, I offered to provide her with both, ’cause I am multi-talented too. She is such a wonderful woman! And a real joy to work with. She is just so sweet! I’d love a chance to work with her some more, any time.

We got super lucky on the day we arranged to do her portrait session, the sun was mostly out in a cloudy and blue sky, and when the wind didn’t blow it was down right warm. Real lucky after weeks of cold rain. Of course this meant my poor assistant had to juggle both the reflector and the diffuser. Poor Courtney looked a little like a circus clown! She’s a real doll.

Glamour photography, Comox Valley, Corperate images, Undiscovered Photography, Courtney Pozzolo

As Deedre’s website is currently under construction, and is a school project as well, it is not live to the public yet. I will post a link once her site goes live so you can check her out. If you are at all curious about things outside of what we can see-I’d highly recommend trying a session with her. I have mine coming up next month and can not wait, I’m so excited!!

Coming up on the blog, hopefully soon, a bunny marketing session and a beautiful spring belly bump!

Stay Gorgeous!

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