Princesses in the House: Self Family Portraits

By: gaiaphotography

Mar 15 2013

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Category: family portraits, Glamour photography, outdoor photography

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Focal Length:38mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D90

Some times you just want to take photos with your own children, and I had realized recently it had been a long time since I photographed my own girls, and I don’t even know the last time we had pictures taken together. I decided it was time to play with self portraits, as I have been thinking about trying them out for some time now, and try my hand at taking my own family portrait. I asked my friend from Undiscovered Photography to bring her kids over to make a day out of the princess theme and really have some fun; plus she was my back up if my self family portraits didn’t pan out so great. We had a princess spa day: mani’s & pedi’s, hair do’s, and make up. Then slipped into our best princess (and prince) gear and headed out into my yard to take photos against the pretty green bushes.

princess glamour photography, family portraits, comox valley boudoir photogarpher

Yes, we got some strange looks from the neighbours and people passing by as they walked their dogs. Even my children’s friends were hesitant to enter our yard when they saw what we were up to. But we had a great time in the sun that decided to poke out from behind the clouds just as we trooped outside. Children played on the trampoline while others got their individual images done. It was difficult to do a full family portrait for everybody: our token baby kept running away!

princess glamour photography, comox valley boudoir photography, glamour family portraits

Individual portraits come out stunning for each child. Except little Ky, nobody even attempted to photograph her on her own, we had a hard enough time keeping her in the yard and had to employ the help of my girls’ older friend to play cowboy. Pictures of  the children were quickly executed, as interest is quickly lost, and then we were free to play with the mommies in their outfits! Might as well take advantage of being dressed up really pretty to get some best friend photographs done together! I am looking forward to seeing how Courtney’s images turned out. I’ll link to her blog once it is posted.

family princess glamour photography, Comox valley boudoir photographer,

Coming up on the blog-images from the Femme Natale fundraiser, and business portraits for the lovely lady at Spirit Wings.

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