Maddy: Blue Screen gone Film Noir

This session with Maddy had originally been done as a green screen practice session along with my friend Courtney over at Undiscovered Photography, but as it seems to be happening more lately, we get going with the photos and and creativity starts to roll and we delineate from our original intentions. I never did replace any of the blue screen backdrop.  Maddy was absolutely stunning in this session (not that she ever not stunning!), and the images hold well on their own. While editing I decided it was time to try out the film noir technique I was learning about and BAM, these photos looked amazing. I couldn’t believe the results I got. I’m including one more film noir edit and a couple of colour shots cause Maddy is just so darn fun! I can not wait to do more film noir with you beautiful ladies…. and any guys who want to give this a try: just leave me an email address to contact you and we’ll get you booked in.

Glamour photography with burlesque feel, sexy portraitFilm Noir Glamour PhotographyFilm noir glamour photography, sexy portrait

Film noir style adds drama and old Hollywood flair to your images. They become timeless and beautiful.

Look forward to the coming posts. I’ve got a princess in the woods session and a glitter fight session in the works!


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