Inspirations: Traditional Black & White Portraits

A couple of weeks ago I was surfing the internet in my down time and stumbled across some old black and white images from the early times of photography. I love the look and feel of black and white portraits and don’t do as many of them as I would like in the course of doing sexy portraits. I really wanted to play with lights and shadows and the human form in a grey scale mode, so I put a call out to my cousin who has been feeling a little down due to family issues to see if she was interested in modelling for me. I’m glad she could come over to play with me in the studio, it made both our evenings, and our dispositions, a little bit brighter. I love the final images we ended up with. We also played with movement photography and giggled a ton. And I’ll include a few images in colour as well as black & white. The image above is one of my favourite as the lighting is amazing and the look on her face is pure bliss. Enjoy these little inspirations!

teen glamour photography Aurian Duncancolour teen movement glamour photography in the comox valley : Aurian Duncan


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