Come-hither Candice: Holiday Glamour

Last Saturday, I had the honour of photographing the lovely and generous Candice. She is a part-time model, and oil rig paramedic. Yeah, she’s a real life hero and a sexy kitten to boot. Aren’t I lucky to have had this chance to photograph her. I’m hoping to get her back in the studio to collaborate with a couple other models after the New Year; if she hasn’t gone back to camp to save lives!

We had a great time, despite the busy and crazy morning it turned out to be. I’m glad Candice showed up earlier than I expected, as we didn’t have a smooth beginning. Lolita had to go to Crown Isle to be entered into the line up of bears to be bid on (I will miss her terribly), and my awesome friends over at Undiscovered Photography came to pick her up to chauffeur her, and their bear, to be placed for viewing and bidding. If you are in town, I suggest you head over to Crown Isle and check out all the houses and bears that have been donated. They are really spectacular, and bidding ends December 16th, 2012. This is something your whole family would enjoy doing on a cold, rainy, wet Comox Valley day.

For Candice’s session we did two different outfits, with different photography styles, under the big holiday theme that December brings us. For the first time I am dipping my toes into the world of glamour photography, and so Candice, good sport that she is, donned on a cute little red holiday dress and sandals and we did some holiday glamour portraits. Candice has an amazing smile, and when she really lets it fly you can see her glow!

The second style we did was a holiday twist on the wrapped in lights session I had with Maddy a few months ago (here!). We added more lights, bling clothing and huge sparkly tree ornaments. This is some tricky photography, but we nailed some really great shots, and Candice looks amazing. Every time I do a session with strings of lights, the results always make me want to call all my models up, buy thousands of lights and go photo crazy…. and some day I will!

Thank you Candice for the amazing session, and your very generous donation to Gaia Magick’s Holiday “Bring Christmas Magick to Children in the Comox Valley”  charity fund. I know you love your images; I hope you share them everywhere. Celebrate your sexy self!

Holiday glamour photography- Candice Kennedy


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