Experimenting with Insipartions

So the theme of October has really been Experimenting with my own insirations. There have been lots of images or things that I have read over the years that I have wanted to try my hand at making come to life in front of my camera. October provided me with a couple of brand new and adventurous models to experiment with. The lovely Maddy was my first ‘Doll’ to play with this month. We worked with a boudoir/burlesque theme in the studio that day. We played around with shadows on a privacy screen that I have been waiting months to use in a session. Then we moved onto some topless shots with back lighting. Finally we rounded off this amazing session with an inspiration I had read about months ago. Holiday lights as a lighting source. To my disappointment we only had 2 different kinds of lights, and they were a bit difficult to work with, but with the addition of the pole, we got some absolutely stunning photos from! You can see one above. Maddy was a delight to work with, and I look forward to enticing her into the studio again some time soon!

A little later in the month my cousin came to town for Thanksgiving. She is an aspiring model and I figured it was about time we got together and did some photography. We threw around some ideas and eventually settled on the idea of reproducing some images with tattoo like facepainting. I added gems to give some shine and colour and by the time I was done, she didn’t even recognize herself! It was fun to wander around my neighbourhood with Aurion all dressed up and get strange stares as people drove by. Fun times! Likely to be repeated when the weather clears up for the summer.

With tomorrow being Halloween, I’m just realizing how very busy life, school, and my business have been keeping me. I feel as though my head is spinning on my shoulders. Here’s to hoping November is a little more quiet and offers a few more opportunities to play!

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